Who is Miesha Roshawn?

Who is Miesha Roshawn??

Who is Miesha Roshawn?

The Woman: First and foremost I am a mother. This is the single most important role and responsibility in my life. My girls Julianni and Yasmine (Mimi) are my infinite joy! Through them I truly know the meaning of unconditional love. I am the oldest of four siblings, born and raised in Seattle,WA. My entire immediate family lives in Washington. I come from a large family on both my mother and father’s sides. I attended Garfield High School in Seattle and graduated class of 1996. I attended community college after taking a year off after high school but decided that wasn’t the right fit for me at that time in my life. I have worked in the medical field since 1998, my current position is with an OB/GYN group in Houston.

I have a close circle of friends, some of which I’ve known since grade school. My life revolves around my kids, my friends, my family and my faith. I am so abundantly blessed!

I am very passionate about several things! I love all things art (ever since childhood) including but not limited to; scrapbooking, jewelry design, photography, painting and mixed media art. I have a new found love and passion for sewing! A year ago I never would have never imagined or dreamed saying something like that! Outside of working out and my “artsy” hobbies I am an avid reader, and wannabe blogger! I’m just getting my feet wet right now but more is soon to follow!


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