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Thursday, March 31, 2011


Finally I have regained my focus! After a month and a half break I'm back in the saddle riding as of Monday! Back to my workouts and back to my mindful eating and meal planning. Guess what?? The scale has already started moving! I'm looking forward to my monthly weigh in tomorrow since last month I had to politely take a pass! My ass was doing way too much!

I'm oooober happy today! My granny is here visiting from Seattle! I miss her SO much and I've only been away from home since last month! I can't wait to hug and kiss her :-)!

I'm on the hunt for a bathing suit. I'm not quite sure if it'll be a one piece or tankini yet? I don't like my navel, I had hernia surgery when I was a baby so my "inny" hole is larger than average. I'm still not used to it after almost 33 years of life...go figure! I'll post a pick of me in my suit once I find one!

Back to business and I couldn't be happier!

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Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend foodie!

I have a confession...I absolutely LOVE the food blogs!!! But looking at the pics always make me hungry...smdh! I can and do cook but typically I don't throw down until the weekend! I'm a closet weekend foodie!

I was determined to find Houston's equivalent to Trader Joe's, so I went to my Yelp app and found Central Market! My girls and I took a trip to the market yesterday and I fell in love! Since it was a Saturday afternoon the store was crazy packed so I was unable to take any pics.

I can't even let an altercation with a RUDE shopper ( that thought it was okay to jump right in front of me at the checkout lane...because SHE was in a rush...her words, not mine! Ummm NO ma'am!!) deter me from going back! She damn near knocked my child over in the process of cutting the line! Anyone that really knows me knows that I'm fairly mild tempered, but when it comes to my girls I can become a tiger in seconds! Long story short this biaaaatch keeps popping off at the mouth and tells me she's going to call security because I told her I'll fight her ass in the store! The ONLY reason why she did not get busted in the back of the head was because my girls were with me! I just knew my mama was going to have to fly to Houston to bail me out of jail!

Back to the topic at hand...I had to vent!

Saturday morning breakfast...

Veggie egg white scramble topped with grated Parmesan


Thai green curry with prawns, veggies & jasmine rice

I decided to try the Thai Kitchen green curry sauce instead of using the paste with coconut milk. The pre made sauce made the meal fast and easy to prepare but I had to doctor it up a bit and the flavor still didn't get to where I would've liked it to be. When making curry I'll stick to what I know!


Bacon wrapped scallops

Side salad with grapefruit, candied walnuts, bacon bits and grape tomatoes

Saut├ęd prawns with chives (a few wrapped in prosciutto)

We ate a lot of seafood this weekend by popular demand (girls choice). I am fairly satisfied with my food choices, although I have been battling a monster sweet tooth lately! I am losing this battle! I'm not sure what's going on with me but I've got to get this under control.

This week it's back to basics for me, the nuts and bolts of my program. Sweat sessions and menu planning. For me it's just that simple!

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Friday, March 25, 2011


It's going to be a great day! I'm already claiming it! My mom sent the family pictures that we took before I left. The picture below is of my siblings and I.

Marquita, Miesha, Marcus and Chaz

The picture is a scan I took with my phone so the quality isn't that great but you get the idea lol! We argue and fuss but I wouldn't trade them for the world! No matter what, we always have each other's back.

Anyhoo, I'm SO looking forward to the weekend! I don't have any plans but I did join a social group that has a couple of activities planned and I just might go! My honey keeps telling me I need to get out and meet people...I'm trying! When you leave friends that you've had since childhood it's hard to jump out there because most people are just as cautious as I am. Like I said, I'm making the effort!

This morning I got up and went hard with my Turbo Fire disk 45 EZ. I feel amazing!! I worked out yesterday morning and I was in a good mood all day. I swear it's what I've been missing! The break is officially over!

I'll be checking out the reviews on Jillian Michaels' latest DVD. I pretty much LOVE all of her stuff so I'm hoping for great reviews! It's time to take my body to the next level and honestly I don't like going to the gym, at home works best for me. I lost 100 pounds working out at home, maybe I'll order P90X and sculpt off the next 20???

My mind is racing with the possibilities! Everyone have a fabulous Friday!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

I don't recognize her!

I was going through pictures from my old cell phone and ran across these! These were taken in August 2009, right before I met my boyfriend!

Baby you couldn't tell me I didn't look good! I had just cut my hair in the second picture.

Who is this chick?? I don't even recognize her!!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Single mommyhood

Being a single mother isn't always easy but I'm blessed to have such a loving and supportive family. Not long after my daughters were born, I knew I'd probably have the responsibility of raising them without their father's help. This isn't the life I envisioned.

I always thought I'd get married, buy a home, then have children. Well things didn't quite happen that way. He wasn't the man I was supposed to share my forever with. I don't regret doing things in the order that I did but I sometimes wonder what if?

My daughters are THE best things that happened to me. Yes, I'd probably have more money in the bank had I waited for the suggested order, but I might not have the infinite joy in my heart that comes from my babies.

When they were little

As I live in my present and contemplate my future, I can only think about the choices and decisions I must make that will not only affect me but my daughters as well. I want them to know that they can live their lives according to what makes them happy.

My daughters have seen me at my best and at my worst, they love me unconditionally nevertheless. Single or not, they just want me to be happy!

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Friday, March 18, 2011

Random ish' March 18, 2011

I've never written a post about my random ish' but I've got things on my mind!

1. If I see one more chick in Houston with those damn bat wing eyelashes I'm going to scream! They look absolutely ridiculous!

2. I miss my family!

Pictures of my three siblings with the girls the day before we left.

3. Folks in Texas drive like bats out of HELL! Seriously do they even do a drivers test?

4. I'm soul searching for the things my heart truly desires.

5. I really want to start making and selling my jewelry again.

6. Why do men always want you when you have someone? These fools are coming from all over the place! How can I politely say, "get the f**k out of here!"

7. I miss spin class SO MUCH!

8. I need a BFF (female) in Houston. My honey is great but he won't step foot in the MAC store. It's very hard for me to make new friends so I don't know how this will happen?

9. I need to redo my blog page.

10. It feels good to be in love!

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Thursday, March 17, 2011


I woke up this morning with every intention to get a Turbo Fire workout in, it didn't happen! All of my belongings still haven't been shipped yet (including my DVD player) so I've been using my laptop to play videos. Yes, I should probably stop being cheap and go buy another DVD player but I haven't!

I've only worked out twice in a month! SMDH...luckily I've only gained three-five pounds (depending on the day) and not fifteen! I'm off the saddle but not out of the game!

When I put the disk in the drive it couldn't be read...so I tried another...still nothing?? WTF?!? I immediately thought if the two cute little culprits I call my daughters!

Please don't let these cute little faces fool you! They're always messing with my stuff!

I shut the computer down and when I turned it back on, it read the DVD! Okay yes, I'm probably a bit wrong for blaming my offspring but as a mother that's part of the job description! Unfortunately it was too late to workout by the time it started working.

So I'll be up in the morning getting a much needed sweat session in!

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Marriage & baby on the brain!!

Ever since I moved to Houston I've been seriously thinking about the future of my relationship. Living 2000 miles apart for the first year and a half of my relationship kept my expectations for growth limited. I know this man loves me and is in it for the long haul, but with that kind of distance things can only go so far.

I read this post on NC17's blog Men Choose, Women Settle Black Girls Are Easy and thought to myself, what's wrong with me claiming the man that I want?

I have been proposed to three times, three different men, three different rings...and I didn't marry any of them! I'm not traditional in a sense of waiting for my man to propose to me. My focus isn't having an elaborate story to share with my future grandkids after the divorce about how my ex-husband swept me off my feet with a ring and a promise.

My focus is staking a permanent claim on the man that I believe with all of my heart I am supposed to share forever with. Who gives a damn about who asked who? Thirty years from now I still plan to be happily married to this man.

Then there is this constant nagging itch to have one more child. I had all but cursed the idea of giving birth to another child, now I'm thinking about names for my future nonexistent bundle! I'll be 33 in August, my bio clock and patience is running out of batteries. I always told myself that 35 would be my cut off, and I also told myself that I wouldn't have another child unless I am married.

Should I put a ring on it?? Hmmm...I just might!

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