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Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend foodie!

I have a confession...I absolutely LOVE the food blogs!!! But looking at the pics always make me hungry...smdh! I can and do cook but typically I don't throw down until the weekend! I'm a closet weekend foodie!

I was determined to find Houston's equivalent to Trader Joe's, so I went to my Yelp app and found Central Market! My girls and I took a trip to the market yesterday and I fell in love! Since it was a Saturday afternoon the store was crazy packed so I was unable to take any pics.

I can't even let an altercation with a RUDE shopper ( that thought it was okay to jump right in front of me at the checkout lane...because SHE was in a rush...her words, not mine! Ummm NO ma'am!!) deter me from going back! She damn near knocked my child over in the process of cutting the line! Anyone that really knows me knows that I'm fairly mild tempered, but when it comes to my girls I can become a tiger in seconds! Long story short this biaaaatch keeps popping off at the mouth and tells me she's going to call security because I told her I'll fight her ass in the store! The ONLY reason why she did not get busted in the back of the head was because my girls were with me! I just knew my mama was going to have to fly to Houston to bail me out of jail!

Back to the topic at hand...I had to vent!

Saturday morning breakfast...

Veggie egg white scramble topped with grated Parmesan


Thai green curry with prawns, veggies & jasmine rice

I decided to try the Thai Kitchen green curry sauce instead of using the paste with coconut milk. The pre made sauce made the meal fast and easy to prepare but I had to doctor it up a bit and the flavor still didn't get to where I would've liked it to be. When making curry I'll stick to what I know!


Bacon wrapped scallops

Side salad with grapefruit, candied walnuts, bacon bits and grape tomatoes

Saut├ęd prawns with chives (a few wrapped in prosciutto)

We ate a lot of seafood this weekend by popular demand (girls choice). I am fairly satisfied with my food choices, although I have been battling a monster sweet tooth lately! I am losing this battle! I'm not sure what's going on with me but I've got to get this under control.

This week it's back to basics for me, the nuts and bolts of my program. Sweat sessions and menu planning. For me it's just that simple!

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Anonymous said...

That all looks super good. Glad you didn't beat the rude chick up.

Ro said...

Dayum that all looks sooooo good. and I too LOVE the food blogs...love them!


You really did a great job! Everything looks delectable.

DaMora said...

bacon wrapped scallops!! Yum.

I just noticed you are in Seattle. I'm in Tacoma, but went to high school in Seattle.

Tim said...

I've always avoided scallops but I have got to admit that they look amazing!!!

Thirteenlbs said...

Please stop.

Every dish looks delish. Now I want some prociutto. And scallops and shrimp.

As for the rude lady- uh-uh.

DaMora said...

GHS c/o 99. Go Dawgs! How are you liken Houston? I have some in laws there. It's fun but so big. Too much commuting for me.


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