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Monday, July 30, 2012

And the journey continues!

I've been dealing with SO MUCH bullshit I had lost my mojo! My personal life has somehow managed to overshadow and take a front seat to my healthy lifestyle journey.

I've been stressing and it's showing up on the scale! I am sharing my weigh ins (for the last 7 wks) which are on Monday's.

6/18- 187.8
6/25- 186.6
7/2- 185.4
7/9- 185.8
7/16- 184.4
7/23- 189.8
7/30- 187.0

This is the heaviest I've been in two years. I've decided instead of becoming depressed I'm going to just buckle down and take action! I did complete all five of my scheduled workouts this week! First time in a long time!

On August 1st I will post my scale pic, weight, progress pics and stats. My goal is to be at or below my goal weight (165) by Jan 1, 2013. This will be just in time for my 2 year anniversary of keeping it off.

On the 1st I will also go over my plan, goals and rewards. It's back to the basics for me. I know exactly what I have to do to get back on track. I haven't really taken too many pictures lately but I'll share my latest Instagram shots!

This ish here smfh...only in Seattle can you bring your furniture into downtown Seattle via Uhaul to watch the Torchlight parade lol

Thanks for all of your continued support! Yes I'm strong but I'm human. Will I get through this...absolutely! Will it be easy...probably not!

God is still working on me and he hasn't brought me this far to let me down now! I live by that :)

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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Cleaning house...glad she's GONE!

It's been a minute but my life has been in complete disarray over the past couple of weeks. I ended things with my honey so I thought Wednesday last week and then my so called friend moved out of the house we shared last Friday unannounced.

Yes she breeched our lease contract and left me to take care of the mess but it's all good. Wasn't even woman enough to say anything, left a note smh. God don't like ugly!

One of my last posts I talked about the ending of my friendship. At this point I'm glad that she's gone. I can't go into detail what actions are going to be taken due to legal reasons but please know that my girls and I are okay and I will end up on top.

This is a great lesson not only for me but my girls as well. Everyone IS NOT your friend and there are people that use others for their own personal gain. She was a user, point, blank, period. I don't expect any good to come to her until she "rights" her "wrongs." How she handled herself and the situation was foul, I rest easy knowing when karma knocks on her door she has an ass whooping coming!

That's being real!

Ironically the man I ended things with came to me and said he'd help me financially if I needed him to. He let me vent to him, no complaining, just let me get out what I needed to let go. I love him dearly, he is my best friend. I'm not sure what's going to happen at this point but we are working on things.

I've got a lot going on but my stress level is now minimized knowing I'm back to relying on myself to get things done. I won't be taking on another roommate situation, I wouldn't care if my girls and I were in a studio lol! I will post about about getting back into my journey, will begin posting updates on 8/1.

The stress of the last few months has most definitely shown up on the scale. The number is astounding....I have a plan! I need it gone....cleaning house literally!

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Shadow Boxes!!

One of my favorite hobbies is scrapbooking and if you see my girls' books you'll know exactly what I'm saying! They love their books and I'm glad that I did them. They are very time consuming though and I like instant gratification SO I began making shadow boxes, just as gifts initially.

I have always been very artistic and quite a few of my old paintings and projects still have homes with my relatives lol! I recognize my talents and I enjoy the reaction I receive from my shadow box recipients!

Here are the ones I've completed thus far...


All of these are for new babies but I can design anything requested! I'm itching to do a wedding box, if you want one done let me know!!!

Prices will vary by size and design specifics. Those that have them LOVE them and I'm proud of my work!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Missing you!

I've missed you!! I'm finally able to sit down and write a post! I'm off work the next three days so I have absolutely no excuses!

To say the least my life has been very hectic. Sometimes I feel as though at any moment I can have an emotional break down. Typically I don't try to get too personal but this is my blog, my world, my words and my life so here goes!

Initially when I moved into the house I live in with my girls, my roommate and her daughter all was well. The decision to move in together was a mutual one (she and I) although I didn't have to move out of my own place, I was cool with getting a bigger spot to share. BIG MISTAKE!!!!

It's funny how things change with certain women when men enter their lives. I can honestly say I would've never thought she'd change because of a man, I've known her since the sixth grade. I suppose there's something about dick from another city??? I've never had any so great that it would make me change my religion after a couple of months lol! #kanyeshrugs #mustbenice

Anyhoo I won't bash her, I honestly believe what you put out there you get back tenfold. So until that day comes I'll just sit back and wait. After 20+ years of friendship we are no longer friends. I've come to terms with it, basically I'm just riding out my financial obligations to the house we live in. We aren't even on speaking terms.

I will say this, I won't ever sign a lease with anyone again unless it's my husband! Not happening!

Onto bigger and much better news!!! My sister (that recently lost her husband) is relocating to Houston next month!!!! I am ├╝ber happy and excited!! I miss my sister, my two nieces and nephew. I haven't seen them since I left Seattle.

I know having my sis here with me will make my home situation that much more bearable. I'll be a able to spend the majority of my time at my sister's house!! Yay!

My baby sis will be living in Dallas the next two years, so she's close too! She's actually in Houston right now training for her teaching assignment so I've seen her every weekend the last couple of weeks.

As far as my relationship and lifestyle journey go, they need their own posts! Working on those next!

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