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Friday, September 30, 2011

My ass hurts!

Spinning this week has my ass hurting...but I am a certified JUNKIE...that is all lol!

Happy Friday!!

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

New direction!

I've been pondering my lack of motivation over the last few months, specifically this summer, and I've come to a conclusion. My ship has sailed on working out at home insert sad face here.

Gasp...did I just say that out loud??

Losing 100+ pounds at home with DVDs is one of my greatest life accomplishments. I am so very proud of this! It took a lot to stick with it when I was hitting my weight loss hard and heavy.

I've found it very difficult to push play lately and the reason is that I'm not feeling challenged. My body and brain work on constant challenges. It's time to do something different. I've never been a big fan of the gym but I do like going to the YMCA.

The YMCA has so many other things to offer outside of fitness and it's a very family oriented atmosphere. The girls always loved going to the Y in Seattle.

Not saying I'm going to trade in all of my DVDs, but my goal is to transition the majority of my workouts to the Y. I'm happy and excited! I've already got my membership so I'm all set to get going!

Surely I'll be posting soon about my Spinning addiction..I mean I really got hooked that first time around! I'd also like to jump in and try different types of classes, reviews about those will come as I go through them.

When you think about lack of motivation, always try to think about solutions as well. There's nothing worse than sitting back and just watching all of your hard work falter. I refuse to be a statistic...I figure out ways to make things happen!

*side note* First time back on the spin bike last night..felt like old times!!! Hooked!

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Living & Loving Life!

The past couple of weeks has been good, I feel well rested and ready to tackle the rest of the year! Crazy that we are just about in the last quarter of 2011! Where exactly did the time go? Who knows, all I do know is that I've been living & loving life!

This past weekend a couple friends and I took our one and only trip this summer to Galveston beach. Naturally I'm still finding sand all over the place but we had a great time! Weather was perfect and the kids couldn't get enough of that dirty water :-)

Julianni 9/17/11

Enjoying some sand!

Mimi 9/17/11

After the nice long day at the beach, we ate a "snack"...took showers and then headed out for a graduation party/fish fry.

Okay so we really didn't eat a "snack" and when we arrived at the fish fry I had absolutely NO BUSINESS eating again but hell...you only live once on this earth right?! The food was crazy good of course...this is TX and the strawberry daiquiri's were even better!

My friend and I on our way to the party

Basically this post is about how I'm choosing to enjoy my life! This has been a great year for me and I intend to finish it with a bang! Thanks for continuing to kick it with me on my lifestyle transformation!

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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Weigh day..My birthday..Makes me wanna holla!!!

I realize I haven't posted since August 22nd...FAIL! Shoot me, it's summer and it's hot as fish grease in Houston! Those are my reasons and I'm rolling with it!

It's that time again...1st of the month, time to weigh in! I have to keep it 100 when I tell you that August was a bust...womp..womp..womp! I enjoyed myself and that's all that matters up until weigh day lol!

Against my better judgement I stepped on the scale a week and a half ago and I was up to a whopping 174.4!!!! Are you effing kidding me??!!! That's all I could think! There was NO way I was going out like that!!!

9/1/11...Weight 166.8

I was able to pull it together and tighten up ship!

September progress pics

That's enough about weight, I had a birthday yesterday!!! 33 years of life, such a blessing!! I had a great day outside of my girls' room upsetting me in the morning and felt so much love from my family & friends!!

Yes I enjoyed TWO slices of my cake!

Anyhoo let's talk about what makes me wanna HOLLA!!! My girls' bedroom! Yesterday morning I had to take pics of the foolery that they call their bedroom! I was ready to throw every single item in the garbage! They live in a world of excess and it's clearly displayed all over their floor!


The solution??? All but 3 items a piece is getting bagged up until they can figure out how to manage their stuff!

September WILL be a great month!!

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