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Monday, October 22, 2012

Weekend in Dallas!

The girls and I ventured to Dallas this weekend to see my baby sister AND to go to the State Fair of Texas! In all my travels I've never been to Dallas! I have every reason to go now since my sis will be living there for the next two years.

I'm actually posting on my bus ride home (Megabus is an awesome, cheaper, cleaner alternative to Greyhound) so I'll be able to complete a couple of posts!

Anyhoo, we had a great time! It's nice to talk to my 24 year old sis like she's a grownup and share my advice. Well she is a grownup but being 10 years older than her, I still view her a certain way. Although I know she'll have to learn a lot on her own I know she appreciates my opinion. I don't give her my 2 cents unless she asks which she often does so I'm guessing she wants it?

Plus we are a lot alike, she's a Virgo too...birthday just 3 days after mine! I love my sister, I'm proud of her! She's accomplished all of the things she's set out to do thus far. And best of all she's also an awesome auntie to her nieces and nephews!

This is why God created aunties!! Mommy doesn't do rides!

We had a BLAST! The fair is a little less than what I expected being that Texas is a HUGE state, the Western Washington fair AKA Puyallup Fair is much better in my opinion.

Gosh I missed New so much! He missed us too :)

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The breakup...and then.....

For those of you that have followed me for awhile, you know that I had been in a long distance relationship a little over three years. Over the last six months things between us haven't been good at all.

I struggled with the idea of walking away many times, and often times didn't know what I was going to do? I love this man, I felt as if he was my best friend...the love of my life.

I was wrong.

Not about him being my best friend, but about him being the man God intended me to spend the rest of my life with.

I felt often more times than not, that I was in a relationship all by myself, lonely and unsatisfied. The struggle was that he's not a bad person, there were just things that I didn't want to accept. I didn't feel like a priority in his life. I didn't feel important and sometimes I felt like he was keeping our relationship a secret.

His entire life is in New Orleans, and my life is here in Houston. He wasn't making enough effort in my opinion to show me his level of seriousness being three years in. I knew in my heart that I needed/wanted/deserved more.

So I made the tough decision to walk away. At the end of the day, I am 34 years old, a single mommy making it on my own. I need a partner in life that wants to be there for my girls and myself in every way possible, I had to let go. I was settling. I didn't relocate my life from Seattle to settle on a hope and a wish.

I'm ready to get married, have one more baby possibly. I never envisioned doing it alone. I don't think he was ready. He never told me that he wasn't but then he never told me that he was. I made peace with that.

I didn't cry, I've been crying since February. It didn't get better until I made up my mind. I was blocking my blessing.

And then came New!!

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Weigh day 10/8/12

Loss 1 pound

I didn't set a loss goal for the week, I just wanted to try to eat right and stay on track. Workouts were a bust again this week. I worked out once. My body feels soft and I don't like it!

The scale had been gradually creeping up and up, I've at least put a stop to that. I've figured out that I'm bored with my workouts, I need to try something new. Maybe Insanity?? I haven't done it yet and I need a challenge!

No food prep for this week, I have lots going on again...good things but still a lot. In due time I'll share the great news, I'm just not ready yet :)

Here's another video of my big girl singing! Have a great week!!

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Weigh Day 10/1/12


I set a loss goal of 2.6 for last week, I didn't hit it, I actually gained .4 ounces. I only worked out one day last week because "New New" aka my new boo insisted that I rest since I kept coughing up all sorts of nastiness! Although I wanted to resist his request, I knew he was right.

I knew for sure I wouldn't hit the 2.6 loss without workouts once my cycle started...ugh! I feel bloated of course! All I can aim to do is conquer this week successfully since I have a goal to reach!

I okay last week, I did end up having three cheat meals instead of one. I also ate three treats instead of one on different days of course thanks to PMS cravings. That ish is real!! The cravings, the cramping...it truly sucks ass.

This week meal planning/prep was pretty easy, I had a lot of leftovers in the freezer from the past two weeks for dinners this week.

On the menu this week:
*Lean turkey meat loaf
*Whole wheat spaghetti w/ meat sauce
*Slow cooked turkey chili
*Baked potatoes with broccoli & grated cheeses
*White bean & chicken soup
*Skinny Enchiladas

Last nights dinner...Santa Fe stuffed peppers

I haven't planned my workouts for the week yet, and I still have to take progress pics for the start of the month. Will post those tomorrow!!

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