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Thursday, October 18, 2012

The breakup...and then.....

For those of you that have followed me for awhile, you know that I had been in a long distance relationship a little over three years. Over the last six months things between us haven't been good at all.

I struggled with the idea of walking away many times, and often times didn't know what I was going to do? I love this man, I felt as if he was my best friend...the love of my life.

I was wrong.

Not about him being my best friend, but about him being the man God intended me to spend the rest of my life with.

I felt often more times than not, that I was in a relationship all by myself, lonely and unsatisfied. The struggle was that he's not a bad person, there were just things that I didn't want to accept. I didn't feel like a priority in his life. I didn't feel important and sometimes I felt like he was keeping our relationship a secret.

His entire life is in New Orleans, and my life is here in Houston. He wasn't making enough effort in my opinion to show me his level of seriousness being three years in. I knew in my heart that I needed/wanted/deserved more.

So I made the tough decision to walk away. At the end of the day, I am 34 years old, a single mommy making it on my own. I need a partner in life that wants to be there for my girls and myself in every way possible, I had to let go. I was settling. I didn't relocate my life from Seattle to settle on a hope and a wish.

I'm ready to get married, have one more baby possibly. I never envisioned doing it alone. I don't think he was ready. He never told me that he wasn't but then he never told me that he was. I made peace with that.

I didn't cry, I've been crying since February. It didn't get better until I made up my mind. I was blocking my blessing.

And then came New!!

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Sherri Moncrieffe said...

Hi! I have not been following you that long....only for about a month. But I just wanted to say congratulations to you. You stood up for what you believed in. I just started reading the Serita Jakes book, Beside Every Good Man : Loving Myself While Standing By Him. She talks about how we compromise and settle. So congrats for you for making you and your girls the priority.

Sunny LouisvilleSlugger said...

I need to hear about this "new." ;) But I applaud you for realizing and making up your mind to let go and let God!!!! GO you!!!

Miesha Roshawn said...

Thanks for your comment as well as for following. I will put that book on my reading list! I appreciate your feedback :))

Tim said...

Sorry to hear it didn't work out. It's never easy when you know something has to come to an end. Take care

Miesha Roshawn said...

Thank you all. Although it's not easy I have to follow the path God is setting before me. God sent me a husband, not a boyfriend!

Amber said...

I am so happy for you. Sometimes we stay with people hoping that things will get better but in the long run we are blocking what God has for us.. Congratulations for putting you and your beautiful girls first!

Mimi said...

Congrats!! Now we need DETAILS!!


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