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Saturday, July 17, 2010

I'm on FIYA!!!

I'm 1 day away from completing my second week of the Turbo Fire HIIT workouts. I can honestly say that this workout is a match made in heaven for me. I have to do workouts that constantly keep me interested and challenged. These workouts are so much fun! If you are giving it your all you are burning calories in massive amounts if you've got a lot to lose. My body is responding nicely. I am adding more intensity as I learn the routines.

These next few weeks should be a breeze. When I do the cardio sets the second month I expect my weight to drop like crazy. I'm not so much focused on when I'll reach my goal but just getting there. I'm going to get there with these workouts no doubt!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Turbo Fire day two!

I normally wake up at the crack of dawn to get my workout done but today when I got out of bed my back was hurting. This highly agitated me because I was looking forward to doing my HIIT 15 routine. Instead of working out this morning I popped four Aleve and let my back rest. I applied a heat pack in the afternoon, all in hopes that my back would feel good enough to do the workout in the evening.

With great hesitation and my Aspercreme slathered on I gave it a shot! From the first fire drill...I was hooked! The rush for me comes from the high intensity with brief recovery. I like getting my heart rate up and the sweat that soon follows. It might sound crazy but I finally LOVE working out. It took me eight months to get here but I have arrived!

A quote someone sent me that I love...

“I believe that one of the most powerful forces in the world is the will of people who believe in themselves, who dare to aim high, to go confidently after the things that they want from life.” ~Rich DeVos

1st Turbo Fire workout!!!

Yesterday I did my first Turbo Fire workout! I completed the Fire 30 routine as well as the Stretch 10. This workout is everything I expected it to be and more. My heart rate got up quickly and stayed high the entire time. There are tutorial segments before each new routine so that allows you to catch your breath while you are learning. The one minute fire drills are off the hook! I was challenged the entire time and I need that to keep my body confused. I previewed a few of the DVDs to see what I would be facing in the next few days. Watching and doing are two completely different things!

I’m glad that I decided to make the investment in myself and purchase the system. I am confident my results will be worth every single dollar I spent. I understand the huge fan base of the Beachbody products, they truly deliver results to people that are serious about making changes in their body as well as sticking to some type of meal plan.

If you’re going to try this workout you’ll have to be up for a major challenge, unless of course you are already in tip top condition. The music is great, Chalene Johnson is a rock star trainer and the entire vibe of the workout keeps you motivated. I’m addicted already J      

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Shopping for 14's :-)))))

Psyched! That's my word for the day! I've had to readjust my wardrobe gradually over the past eight months. I bought size 16 dress slacks for work at the beginning of April and they now look silly on me. My mind is still adjusting to the drop in sizes. I don't remember the last time I wore a 14?? It's been a very long time. I was wearing (snug fit) size 20/22 last November. Shopping is adding fuel to my fire! Even if I try on something that is a bit too snug I keep that tucked away in my mental rolodex. I know in a month or so I'll be able to wear it.

I'm not exactly sure where my weight loss goal is going to put me as far as sizes but I see designer jeans in the near future!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Loving my improvements!!


I'm falling in love with myself all over again :-)

Ten things...

Something I "borrowed" from the Our Health Movement blog...

10 things I believe in...

1. God
2. Myself
3. Forgiveness
4. Change
5. Trust
6. Love
7. Karma
8. Positive thinking
9. Happily ever after
10. Speaking things into existence

10 things I don’t think I can live without...

1. Julianni
2. Yasmine
3. My health
4. Faith
5. Sunshine
6. My workout DVDs
7. Financial well being
8. Happiness
9. Books
10. Art

10 things that make me happy...

1. My relationship with Tyrone
2. My kids’ laughter
3. Traveling
4. Exercising
5. Spending time with my family & friends
6. Crafting
7. Relaxing
8. Sunsets
9. Electronics
10. Photography

I encourage everyone to revise this list once a year. Find out if the things that are important this year, continue to be the same important things a year later and thereafter.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Waiving goodbye to the 200's!!!!

Milestone reached!!! I'm finally waiving goodbye to the 200's!!! When the scale hit the 100's I wanted to wait a few days before I kissed the 200's goodbye for good. I've been over 200 pounds for the last 9 years. I didn't see myself ever getting away from that weight. These last 34 weeks have brought so much back to my life. I know my strength and I continue to push myself to make changes. Ironically I am in my 34th week and I have 34 more pounds to go to reach my goal!

This journey has been and will continue to be about reclaiming my energy. This is about my physical, mental and emotional health all being aligned. My life was in turmoil for a number of years and the emotional disarray played a key part in my body being neglected. I couldn't begin to make changes until my heart and mind were clear of debris.

I'm living my life now with a new purpose. I'm not only waiving goodbye to excess weight, I'm also waiving goodbye to all of the bad habits and things that contributed to my weight spiraling out of control. I'm not looking back.

Turbo Fire by Chalene Johnson!!!!!

Yesterday was like Christmas in July! My Turbo Fire workout system arrived! I am pumped because I fell in love with Turbo Jam when I started working out so I was familiar with Chalene's style of training. This new program is Turbo Jam on steroids! I'm looking forward to starting on Monday and will be posting my progress photo's at 30, 60 and 90 days.

My plan is to follow the class schedule religiously and continue counting points on WW. As my journey continues, I always try to keep my body guessing. I'm going to give this my all and pray that this program helps me reach my goal weight by the end of the 12 week session. I'd like to reach my goal weight of 165 by 9/26/10.

I'm turning up the HEAT with Turbo Fire!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Month in review

This was an awesome month for me as far as weight loss goes. I know that the process tends to slow down as you come down in weight. My stats for 6/1- 7/1 are as follows:
Total inches lost- 4.25 inches
Weight lost- 6.8 lbs
Percentage of weight lost- 3.29%

This month I dropped a little bit more than double the amount that I lost last month. I reached my monthly goal of losing between 6-8 lbs. My reward for meeting my goal will be new work slacks and jeans :-).

I noticed that my workouts are getting easier for me to complete. Many of the exercises I struggled with I can now do with ease. I stuck with Jillian Michaels the entire month. Since I like to change my routine every month, I won't be doing her routines everyday but I'll still throw hers in the mix to keep my body guessing.


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