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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

1st Turbo Fire workout!!!

Yesterday I did my first Turbo Fire workout! I completed the Fire 30 routine as well as the Stretch 10. This workout is everything I expected it to be and more. My heart rate got up quickly and stayed high the entire time. There are tutorial segments before each new routine so that allows you to catch your breath while you are learning. The one minute fire drills are off the hook! I was challenged the entire time and I need that to keep my body confused. I previewed a few of the DVDs to see what I would be facing in the next few days. Watching and doing are two completely different things!

I’m glad that I decided to make the investment in myself and purchase the system. I am confident my results will be worth every single dollar I spent. I understand the huge fan base of the Beachbody products, they truly deliver results to people that are serious about making changes in their body as well as sticking to some type of meal plan.

If you’re going to try this workout you’ll have to be up for a major challenge, unless of course you are already in tip top condition. The music is great, Chalene Johnson is a rock star trainer and the entire vibe of the workout keeps you motivated. I’m addicted already J      

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