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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Month in review

This was an awesome month for me as far as weight loss goes. I know that the process tends to slow down as you come down in weight. My stats for 6/1- 7/1 are as follows:
Total inches lost- 4.25 inches
Weight lost- 6.8 lbs
Percentage of weight lost- 3.29%

This month I dropped a little bit more than double the amount that I lost last month. I reached my monthly goal of losing between 6-8 lbs. My reward for meeting my goal will be new work slacks and jeans :-).

I noticed that my workouts are getting easier for me to complete. Many of the exercises I struggled with I can now do with ease. I stuck with Jillian Michaels the entire month. Since I like to change my routine every month, I won't be doing her routines everyday but I'll still throw hers in the mix to keep my body guessing.

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