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Wednesday, June 9, 2010


If you've ever had the pleasure of seeing roaches up close and personal you'll notice something about them. Let's say you walk in the kitchen and flip on the light switch...you'll see them scurry from all over the place! I'm using this as an analogy to myself because I have men showing up from out of nowhere! I must have a light shining because here they all come like roaches!

I find it ironic that men think it's okay to try to return to my life now that I've dropped a lot of weight. There are a few that for one reason or another just vanished into thin air. Now all of the sudden they want to be my "friend???" It's very blatant and obvious to me what's going on. At times I don't know if I should be flattered or offended?

One man in particular told me that I needed to lose weight and to be honest that was the only thing that he didn't like about me. He saw a recent picture of me and wants to start talking again!!! Get the hell out of here! Since I declined his offer I am now being called "vain!!" The reason why I'm pointing him out is because we had established a fairly decent friendship over the course of a year. During this time I assumed that my weight wasn't an issue because he had never mentioned it prior to getting caught in a lie with his girlfriend. He attempted to make me look bad by insulting me and guess what??? I'm getting the last laugh! Oh and it would be silly of me not to mention that this particular man is around 6'6 and well over 300 pounds!!

I am a true Virgo (personality wise) and I am loyal to those that I love. I'm not fickle when it comes to my feelings. A lot of men missed out on an amazing woman in me due to shallow perceptions pertaining to image. We all weren't meant to be a size 2. I wasn't happy or comfortable when I weighed 275 pounds so I decided to make changes. My confidence has incresed but the core of who I am as a person remains in tact. You never know what you might be walking away from if you're judging a person on a physical characteristic that can be changed.

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