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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Shakeology cleanse review

What IS Shakeology and the 3 day cleanse?

Shakeology is a meal replacement shake designed to be enjoyed every day, one meal a day. But for this cleanse, it will be used three times a day for three days.

The Shakeology Cleanse is meant to jump start you in your fitness, break a plateau or shred pounds fast & effectively in a healthy way. The key is caloric efficiency; getting the most nutrients possible out of the fewest number of calories.

These are the basics of the cleanse:

*3 Shakeology Shakes a day (blended with water and ice)
*2 Cups of Green Tea a day
*1 piece of fruit a day (Apple, pear, orange, banana, mango, etc)
*1 salad for dinner (lettuce, veggies, lean protein)
**4 oz lean protein in salad (WHITE poultry or fish)
**Only Low Fat Dressings 2 Tbsp
*Water...all you can drink!

NO DAIRY! (no almond, soy, or rice milk) or extra sugars. If it’s not on the list, don’t eat it!

Okay so I started the cleanse on Saturday 5/21. I will admit that I cheated a little and did what felt was right for me.

Saturday, 5/21
B- Shakeology mixed w/ 10 oz of water & ice (this was WAY too watery so I made a mental note to not use 10 oz of H2O again)
S- Apple
*cheat* Vanilla frozen yogurt cone @ Ikea
L- Shakeology mixed w/ 8 oz of water & ice
D- Salad w/ multi veggies (some sautéed in 1 tsp olive oil), tilapia (tilapia is NOT a white fish but it's what I had a lot of in the freezer), Newman's Own light cranberry walnut dressing
S- *cheat* 94% fat free whole grain micro popcorn
Workout: Ultimate Tae Bo 60 minutes

Sunday, 5/22
B- Shakeology mixed w/ 8 oz of water & ice
L- Shakeology mixed w/ 8 oz of water & ice, 1 large peeled grapefruit
S- Green Tea 8 oz w/ 2 packets of Truvia
D- Repeat salad from Saturday
S- *cheat* 94% fat free whole grain micro popcorn
Workout: Jackie Warner Power Sculpt Full Body 40 min (I will be doing a review on this workout soon)

Monday, 5/23
B- Shakeology mixed w/ 8 oz of water & ice
S- 5 strawberries w/ 1 packet of Truvia
8 oz green tea w/ 2 packets of Truvia
L- Shakeology mixed w/ 8 oz of water
*major cheat* Twix candy bar
S- Green Tea 8 oz w/ 2 packets of Truvia
D- Repeat salad from Sunday
S- *cheat* 94% fat free whole grain micro popcorn
Workout: Turbo Fire EZ 45 min

How did I feel?

Without a doubt Saturday was the hardest day for me. I couldn't stop thinking about food! I really felt hungry. I didn't do 3 shakes like I was supposed to each day, I only did 2. I would highly recommend drinking all 3 shakes as directed.

Sunday wasn't so bad but let me tell you I have never in my life looked forward to my salad so much before! Then yesterday, Monday, I was at work so I had more distraction. By the end of the day my stomach was feeling empty so again I couldn't wait to get home to my salad!

How does it taste?

I've only tried the chocolate flavor (there is also a greenberry flavor available), mixed with water it's not so great but with milk and various recipes it tastes quite good! My favorite recipe is:

1 scoop chocolate Shakeology
8 oz vanilla almond milk
1 Tbsp vanilla extract
1 tsp instant coffee
Ice to taste

My results?

On Saturday I weighed @ 7 am pre workout 167.8

Today I weighed @ 7 am (no workout rest day)...

My loss in three days was 4.4 lbs. I understand that this is water weight but that was one of my goals doing this. The last two weeks for for me haven't been so great. I lacked focus. I needed to refocus and restructure my plan. I needed to exercise some discipline. Being completely honest, doing this helped me refocus on my journey.

Is this something I will do again?

Yes!! I plan to do a Shakeology cleanse quarterly. To keep it simple to remember I'll do a cleanse when the seasons change. It's close enough to the start of summer to do it this way.

Shakeology isn't cheap so I don't plan on using it daily. I would say try to get a sample from a Beachbody coach before you invest the money in a 30 day supply. Hope this helps!!

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LeeLee said...

Awesome Post!! AWESOME RESULTS...I've been hearing a lot about this Shakeology and wonder if any meal replacement shake will work. I use Herbalife and enjoy it very much! I will have to dig into the nutrients of both products to do a comparison! Great job on the loss!


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