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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jackie Warner: Power Circuit Training DVD

I've had this DVD since it came out (over a year) but Sunday was the first time I really put forth the effort to complete the 40 min full body circuit. On previous attempts I gave up on it without giving it a serious try! Huge mistake on my part!

This workout is THE BOMB!! Straight weights & strength training...no cardio! Jackie Warner doesn't have the best on camera personality but her workout is no nonsense, ass kicking goodness!

I felt the effects of this workout the next day and I still felt it this morning when I got up to do it today! Sore all over! Surprisingly I see and feel my muscles more defined right now too!

Don't tell anybody but I am struggling with the upper and lower abs work! Have you ever experienced the tummy tuck?? That's that BULLSHIT!! I'm cursing her by the end but my body says thank you Jackie Warner!

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LeeLee said...

Hey Miesha!
I saw this DVD at Amazon and wanted to hear feedback from it. You're right about Jackie's tv personality but she is NO JOKE!!! I cannot wait to catch up on your Blog and thank you for passing through CrazyRiffs!
Have a great Day!

Miesha Roshawn said...

I love strength training so this workout does it for me! She moves quickly so I had to pause it a couple of times to see what the next move would be. I kept up better the second time! I want to do the 15 min individual circuits with heavier weights...I'll share my thoughts on that as well!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I don't think i've ever heard of Jackie...was she on Bravo? i might check it out. keep up with it..

Miesha Roshawn said...

@Mrs. Pancakes, yes she had a show on Bravo. I think the workout is on point! Go ahead and give it a try!


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