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Monday, July 2, 2012

Missing you!

I've missed you!! I'm finally able to sit down and write a post! I'm off work the next three days so I have absolutely no excuses!

To say the least my life has been very hectic. Sometimes I feel as though at any moment I can have an emotional break down. Typically I don't try to get too personal but this is my blog, my world, my words and my life so here goes!

Initially when I moved into the house I live in with my girls, my roommate and her daughter all was well. The decision to move in together was a mutual one (she and I) although I didn't have to move out of my own place, I was cool with getting a bigger spot to share. BIG MISTAKE!!!!

It's funny how things change with certain women when men enter their lives. I can honestly say I would've never thought she'd change because of a man, I've known her since the sixth grade. I suppose there's something about dick from another city??? I've never had any so great that it would make me change my religion after a couple of months lol! #kanyeshrugs #mustbenice

Anyhoo I won't bash her, I honestly believe what you put out there you get back tenfold. So until that day comes I'll just sit back and wait. After 20+ years of friendship we are no longer friends. I've come to terms with it, basically I'm just riding out my financial obligations to the house we live in. We aren't even on speaking terms.

I will say this, I won't ever sign a lease with anyone again unless it's my husband! Not happening!

Onto bigger and much better news!!! My sister (that recently lost her husband) is relocating to Houston next month!!!! I am ├╝ber happy and excited!! I miss my sister, my two nieces and nephew. I haven't seen them since I left Seattle.

I know having my sis here with me will make my home situation that much more bearable. I'll be a able to spend the majority of my time at my sister's house!! Yay!

My baby sis will be living in Dallas the next two years, so she's close too! She's actually in Houston right now training for her teaching assignment so I've seen her every weekend the last couple of weeks.

As far as my relationship and lifestyle journey go, they need their own posts! Working on those next!

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Dawnya said...

I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your 20+ year friendship. That breaks my heart. I've been there and done that...some women lose they mind with they get a little dang-a-lang.

I'm excited for you and your sisters are going to be closer again. That is awesome.

Ro said...

Girl hush....that’s too long of a friendship Miesha to let go....over some dangalang..noooo
Girl in the same house not on speaking terms...smh

yay for yuor sister being here!!

*side note I am in LOVE with that gift it needs its own special post :) Thanks soo much again for taking the time I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

It always sux to lose a friend...she must've gotten some of that H-Town thug dik...it'll make you lose your mind. Glad your sis is moving to town, nothing beats sisterly love.

Toot said...

Oh wow - the end of a friendship that long is hard. She should be ashamed of herself; dick shouldn't come between you too. The universe is taking her out of your life for a reason...bigger and better things perhaps ;) I'm glad you are positive about things, I know your sister being there will be good for you and the girls!


Trina a.k.a. Me So Hongry... said...

Daaaaamn Gina! Don't get me started on friendships...I hardly have friends and I think its for the best.


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