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Thursday, March 17, 2011


I woke up this morning with every intention to get a Turbo Fire workout in, it didn't happen! All of my belongings still haven't been shipped yet (including my DVD player) so I've been using my laptop to play videos. Yes, I should probably stop being cheap and go buy another DVD player but I haven't!

I've only worked out twice in a month! SMDH...luckily I've only gained three-five pounds (depending on the day) and not fifteen! I'm off the saddle but not out of the game!

When I put the disk in the drive it couldn't be read...so I tried another...still nothing?? WTF?!? I immediately thought if the two cute little culprits I call my daughters!

Please don't let these cute little faces fool you! They're always messing with my stuff!

I shut the computer down and when I turned it back on, it read the DVD! Okay yes, I'm probably a bit wrong for blaming my offspring but as a mother that's part of the job description! Unfortunately it was too late to workout by the time it started working.

So I'll be up in the morning getting a much needed sweat session in!

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