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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Marriage & baby on the brain!!

Ever since I moved to Houston I've been seriously thinking about the future of my relationship. Living 2000 miles apart for the first year and a half of my relationship kept my expectations for growth limited. I know this man loves me and is in it for the long haul, but with that kind of distance things can only go so far.

I read this post on NC17's blog Men Choose, Women Settle Black Girls Are Easy and thought to myself, what's wrong with me claiming the man that I want?

I have been proposed to three times, three different men, three different rings...and I didn't marry any of them! I'm not traditional in a sense of waiting for my man to propose to me. My focus isn't having an elaborate story to share with my future grandkids after the divorce about how my ex-husband swept me off my feet with a ring and a promise.

My focus is staking a permanent claim on the man that I believe with all of my heart I am supposed to share forever with. Who gives a damn about who asked who? Thirty years from now I still plan to be happily married to this man.

Then there is this constant nagging itch to have one more child. I had all but cursed the idea of giving birth to another child, now I'm thinking about names for my future nonexistent bundle! I'll be 33 in August, my bio clock and patience is running out of batteries. I always told myself that 35 would be my cut off, and I also told myself that I wouldn't have another child unless I am married.

Should I put a ring on it?? Hmmm...I just might!

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Ro said...

I love it....
That's HAWT and why not. I too am not into tradition. I am into love who love and make this the best life.
DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

You do what feels right to you. And stop putting limits on yourself unless you are sure that's what you want. I am 40 and planning a child, been engaged 7 times with 7 rings, currently widowed (8 years) and in a committed relationship (3 years). Life happens. By locking yourself into 1 scenario you miss out on a lot.


Tim said...

If you're in love. Go for it.


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