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Friday, August 5, 2011

A complete DONKEY! Happy Friday!!

This is how I feel!

I have acted a complete ass this week! No workouts, eating like a damn pig! I have to be straight up with all of you, I'm a constant work in progress! I refuse to step foot back on my scale until September 1.

I am one of those that will hop on the scale daily. This has to end. I can tell within a few days of pissy eating and absent workouts that I've gained weight. My body starts to look and feel extra soft! I'm sure my honey would appreciate the softness but I'm not really a fan!

This month is FULL of days that could easily send me off my path. So to counter the bad habits I'm picking up, I'll be eating raw, liquids (for 3 of my daily meals) and cleansing my body for five days.

I'll take pics of my meals although I'm not quite sure what I'll be eating? Most definitely not trying to get extra fancy! Sticking to the basics is what I do best!

Happy Friday!!

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High Heels & Good Meals! said...

Wow what an awesome weight loss journey!!! Thanks so much for following...following back!

Miesha Roshawn said...

@ High heels & Good meals, thank you dear I appreciate it!

Tim said...

Good luck!

I feel like a Donkey most days but what I really want is to eat like a donkey because they have healthier meals than me!

Mz.Choize said...

Well I've been an azz the whole summer, lol. It's so hot in H-town, changing my walks til evenings 8-ish
its still 93 degrees! I applaud u, I'm jumping on and off the track and can't get my mojo back. I think you're an inspiration for us all.

L said...

Girrrrlll...I totally relate to this post. Earlier today I polished off more than my fair share of cookies and ice cream. The raw food and liquids is not a bad idea. I think I'll try that tomorrow. Let us know how you do with that. Your blog is definitely helpful to others making the lifestyle transformation.


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