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Monday, September 24, 2012

Return of the weekly update!!

Where I'm at..

Basic Stats:

Bust: 36
Waist: 33
Hips: 45
Thighs: 26 (each)

It's been a minute since I faithfully posted weekly about my journey. I'm proud to say that I'm B-A-C-K!!! Like for real back! Last week was awesome! I set a weight loss goal for the week, a food goal and workout goal!

My weight loss goal for last week was 6 pounds, I lost 4.4 pounds. I'm okay with that :)) This week my goal is a 2.6 loss.

I'm proud to say that I stuck to my menu the food I prepared last Sunday for lunches, dinners and snacks Mon-Friday! I also consumed no less than 64 oz of water per day! I tracked what I ate, this was fairly easy since my meals were prepped.

I completed five of my six workouts. Main reason why I didn't do them all?? I got sick (insert sad face here)! I started to not feel so great late Wednesday night and by Friday I was a total mess. Started to feel better Saturday but rested on Sunday instead of completing my missed day. I'm still congested this morning...I'll workout this evening once I make it home.

One cheat meal which was Thursday, a Thai dinner with a certain someone that brought me these...

Accompanied by a Twix bar which was my one treat allowed for the week! I ate it on Friday as I was too full to eat it after dinner...piggy!

I am allowing myself one cheat meal per week...not day AND one treat per week my choice.

I find this helps me to stay on track. I'm going to be brutally honest about the 30 pounds I've gained since this time last year. It's not pretty but it's honest and it's real, something I've always been. I'm addressing it and I've already lost 5 of it!

I'm working to get back to my goal weight of 165 by my 2 year maintaining date which is January 15, 2013. I'll take progress pics on October 1, then continually the 1st of each month. My weekly weigh day is Monday, I'll report in each week.

This is a long post but here is some of my food prepped for this week!

Roasted squash & zucchini, clean turkey muffins, honey mustard tilapia & salmon, brown rice casserole

Roasted tomato & pepper soup

Roasted veggies for the soup above

Last weekend dinners...

Grilled chicken, mushroom & spinach wrap

Stir fry chicken

Yesterday's breakfast plate..

Have an awesome week!!

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MissHaneefa said...

Way to go! Keep up the great work.

Amber said...

Congratulations, I needed this motivation!

Tim said...

I wish you cooked me dinner, your food always looks SO delicious!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

The meals look yummy!) and way to start again on your goals!


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