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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Fine in 50 update!

Okay so I'm still participating in the Fine in 50 challenge hosted by Ro that started on January 7 and will conclude on February 25th.

I didn't take my measurements on the start date but I did weigh in. I have measurements from September that are more than likely the same.

Since starting the challenge I am down a total of 6.4 pounds!

The jump start was me getting the damn flu the first week!!! FML!!! I mean of all weeks the week that I'm actually motivated to get my ass moving again!!

I wish I could say that I've been 100% on it....I cannot lie...I haven't been *sigh*. I can say that I've consistently started working out again which feel AMAZING...I've increased my water intake and I've cut out a TON of sugar! I've had a few situations run ins with fast food and alcohol but not enough to elaborate on lol!

I cook on a fairly regular basis so I'm not struggling with that. Being mindful of portions though 0_o

I do weigh myself weekly but I don't plan on posting about the challenge again until I reveal my results!!

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Dawnya said...

The portions are a killer!!! I'm always trying to figure it out. I have a scale in my office along with measuring cups. Same at home and in the car. Girl, you should see me at a restaurant taking out my scale...looking like i'm weighing product for sale. LOL

My husband laughs everytime.

Sunny LouisvilleSlugger said...

Go you!!!!


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