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Thursday, February 10, 2011

I love me some dresses!!

Yesterday my baby Mimi had to stay home from school because she was sick the day before. I haven't really spent my week off doing anything specific. I had decided that I needed to go to Nordstrom to be properly fitted for a bra. Since my weight loss I hadn't had myself measured.

We had breakfast then had a little time to kill before Nordstrom's opened. Well Macy's was open so we went in there! I made the mistake of "browsing" at dresses one of my weaknesses and ran across a fierce little Calvin Klein number! Of course I had to try it on!!

A size 10 beauty!!! Oh how I loved this dress!! Mimi reminded me I was only supposed to try the dress on, not buy it! The ONLY reason why I didn't drop the money on it was because one of the little straps on the inside that helps to keep it on the hanger was caught in the zipper..damn! I checked the rack for another size 10, no luck!

I've contemplated going to another Macy's to buy that dress, I just can't justify spending the money on it right now with all of my upcoming moving expenses. Oh and I still needed new bra's!!

Off to Nordstrom we went! The sales lady brought me to a dressing room and measured me. She wrapped the tape around me and rattled off "you're measuring somewhere between a 32-34, let me go grab you a few items to start with!"

Seriously, 32-34!!! She comes back to the room with both C & D cups in size 34. I started with the D cup and well guess what...perfect fit! So my official bra size is 34D! That's a big damn deal as far as I'm concerned! I was convinced before I walked in the store that I was a B cup! WRONG!!

I'm not even going to tell you how much money Nordstrom violated my pocketbook for, but I have two brand new bra's that fit like a glove!

I also realized that a 34D is hard to find once we went to Walmart (my honey laughed, from Nordstrom to Walmart no stops in between lol) and I browsed the lingerie section. So it looks like I'll be buying my bra's online. It was a very successful shopping trip, yet I'm still "jones-ing" for that Calvin Klein dress!

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Anonymous said...

That dress is Hawt, love it. And I know I'm gonna need a good bra after I drop this weight. I'm doing a bunch of chest workouts trying to keep them from falling, LOL.

Miesha Roshawn said...

Isn't it cute Dee?!! Now you confirmed why I need to go buy it lol!!

Good bra's are a necessity! I really notice the difference!

Ro said...

LOVE that dress!
You look oober cute in it too.

and a good bra is priceless.
Now that you know your size look for the next Lane Bryant (cacique) sale. Their bras are the business and usually buy 2 get 2!

Tim said...

You look great in that dress! Maybe you could buy it once you've moved and settled in. You could have it as a moving in present :)


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