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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The journey...good news and bad

Good news first! I'm being considered for People magazine Half Their Size issue! I'm not sure when I'll find out if my story will be in it but of course I'll share ASAP!

Bad news...

Moving right along with what I've been going through during my blog break, next subject is my journey. With moving and the stress of my relationship I have pretty much lost focus. Slowly I'm bringing things back in order but I'm having to wean myself from this terrible sugar and junk food habit that I've picked up!

Last week I did three Turbo Fire workouts but I also ate like shit SO I think that cancels out the workouts lmao! You name it, I've been eating it! Cookies, caramel sundaes from McDonalds, cake, chips...shit's been real! Guess what though??? I really didn't give a fuck about the weight gain (yes I've gained about 10) until last week.

Call me crazy but my life no longer revolves around my scale. But I don't like this jiggle and clearly it's because of junk food! Mentally I had to check out. Most people trying to lose weight don't understand the pressure of keeping it off. All you can see is getting rid of it...then what?

I've touched on this subject before and it is the reality of weight loss. People look to me for advice and inspiration but sometimes I want to eat/behave like the fat girl I used to be! Sometimes I could care less about working out, that's reality.

Then my other reality really sets in yes I have two realities I worked extremely hard to lose it, I like wearing a size 10 and my health has to be a top priority. That's the bottom line.

Unfortunately I didn't finish the Jamie Eason program. There are two reasons for that. 1) With moving I couldn't stay consistent with the schedule..too much to do and too many places to be! 2) The YMCA I belong to didn't have all of the machines and equipment needed to properly complete phases 2 & 3.

The first phase of the program was killer and I was seeing results so thumbs up on that!

So what's next?? I wanted to do another round of Turbo Fire but I'm bored with the music! I love the workouts but I need a new soundtrack. I'm suspending my Y membership for now so that I can put that extra money towards buying a house. Besides working out at home is my bread and butter! 100+ pounds lost at home, it works for me! Issue is I need new DVDs!

I ordered Jillian Michaels' Kickbox FastFix DVD yesterday...reviews to follow!

Have you heard Jillian Michaels has released a new 90 day at home workout called Body Revolution??? My friend just told me about it and I'm seriously considering purchasing it! I have mentioned on many occasions that I am a Jillian fan! Her workouts have given me great results in the past. Reading up on it it has a similar structure to the ever popular Beachbody workouts. Cost is about $135 with shipping & handling, payments can be split into 4! That's what I paid for Turbo Fire and in my opinion worth every single penny!

Anyone willing to purchase it and do it with me????

Until tomorrow loves :-)



Unknown said...

I'm glad you are re-focusing Miesha. The journey is not easy and there are definitely peaks AND valleys. I am also on my own journey, having lost 70 pounds and still losing. Yet, I do wonder what happens once the weight is gone...Thank you for sharing your experience and good luck with the workouts! I LIVE AND DIE by Jeanette Jenkins' workout DVDs. I own ALL but one of them and have lost my weight with a combination of her DVDs, samba dancing, and Bob Harper workout DVDs. I actually find Bob's DVDs to be more challenging and more effective than Jillian. I can't quite get used to her style. Check those out if you can! Keep on pushin'!

Anonymous said...

I hope that you make it in People Magazine, ::Keeping Fingers Crossed::, I started the Body Revolution this week and so far I love it. Each workout is about 30 minutes but I get a good sweat from doing it. If you decide to get it, let me know. :)

Papi's Girl said...

I can't get into Jillian's style of training. Her workouts are great but I don't like how much she talks..LOL!

We all fall of the wagon a few times along our journey and it's understandable but like you said it is about your health. You have to remember what got you to weigh over 200 lbs. It was probably like many a lack of self discipline and emotional eating. So try your best to stay focused on your health if not for you..for you kids. :)

I wish you lots of luck with everything you are doing right now including buying a new house.

Oh and you don't need to have all the equipment that the LiveFit program uses. I workout at a community center gym and use mostly free weights versus machines. You can alter the workuts to suit you. You can also do it at home if you have weights.

Ms. Cyone said...

I love the Body Revolution program, I've had it for a few weeks now but actually got serious this week and am now 3 days in. I actually love Jillians way of working out, she makes me not bs myself and really push for what I want, the program imo is definitely worth it.


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