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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Road to #140..stacked, sexy, lean muscle!

I've been quiet this week, reading blog posts with limited comments. I'm still getting my *e-hugs* and love from y'all which is helping me tremendously!

Have you ever wanted something SO bad but just didn't know how to get it? That's where I'm at with my relationship. This question can also directly relate to weight loss. Truth be told the frustration of my relationship is fucking me up right now.

I'm all thrown off. Eating like crap, skipping workouts, drinking...you name it...I've been doing it! This is hard, emotionally I am drained. I'm not a quitter, I can't let what's going on keep me from moving forward towards my goals.

I need to focus on something I have complete control over, which brings me to the topic of this post. I've decided to set a brand new goal for myself that I intend to take seriously.

The NEW goal is to shape a figure competitor's body..minus the competing (for now). For this to become a reality many things I am doing as of now must change.

I've written a detailed list of goals and rewards which I will share a little later. For now I'm mentally preparing myself for this next phase of my lifestyle transformation. I've gotten comfy, change cannot happen unless I push myself to my limit and beyond!

I want a body of envy, I don't give a shit about anyone else's opinion! Follow me on my road to #140..stacked, sexy, lean muscle!

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Ro said...

I know EXACTLY how you feel...I get overwhelmed....I get sad...way too emotional. lolll abt things I have NO CONTROL over.

Best advice...take a deep breath...say a prayer. and know that everything will happen in time...enjoy the good thngs and try and stay positive :-)

I'm really sending you great vibes!

You new goals are AWESOME and Im excited to watch you transform.

Tim said...

Great idea Miesha! That's a great goal to go for.

I also look forward to seeing the other goals and rewards.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

this is so exciting...i was going through some of your old posts and damn girl...amazing! im excited to see what your stacked, sexy and lean muscles are going to look like! good luck!


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