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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mid Week Randomness!

I miss my blog so I had to post today! I recorded a vlog over a week ago, I've been fooling around with it, trying to figure out the best app for my new iPad to edit it with? I want to vlog more, I also want/need an easy way to edit and post...I'll get there soon!

I plan to simplify, streamline and organize my entire life in 2012! I'm going paperless!! I am in the process of scanning all of my important documents so that I won't have paper cluttering my world. I don't function well in a disorganized space lol! In order for me to take my design business to the next level, organization is key!  In case you missed my 2012 vision board post, check it out here!

I'm also now blogging from a different app! I have been using BlogPress on my iPhone for almost a year now. From time to time the app would have issues but I remained loyal! Well I decided to pay and download the iPad version...FAIL! It has bugs that continually causes it to crash! The app on my phone is also crashing with the iOS 5 software update! I'm highly irritated and pissed off! Well this new app has more functions but I'm still getting used to it. So I apologize in advance if some of my posts look a little funny O_o

I cannot believe Christmas is only a few days away!!! I absolutely LOVE the holiday season! I never typically ask for anything specific but this year I did ask for a study bible (mom & stepdad bought and sent it over a month ago) and a heart rate monitor (honey paid for this). The iPad 2 came unex

I also received a pair of uber cute gloves and a crystal elephant (my manager), a $25 gift card to Target (office party raffle) and a $25 gift card to Pappadeaux (one of the docs in my group)! All this and it's not even Christmas yet!! 

I totally get that this season is not about gifts, I scaled back my girl's gifts quite a bit this year. The doll house I bought is MAJOR so I'm sure they'll be happy no matter what! I have next week off as well and they are looking forward to me hanging out at home with them. I can't wait!

I've said this before but I've truly had the most amazingly blessed year! So many major life changing events, and so many people that have loved and supported me through it! Thanks followers, y'all are the bomb.com!


A Single Mothers Journey said...

You are indeed blessed. Good things happen to good people. I need to come rub elbows with you to pass on some of those blessings lol. I'm loving all your early Christmas gifts!

Anonymous said...

Have a great Christmas!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Enjoy your holidays with the girls!

Tim said...

Have a wonderful Christmas! :)

GFS said...

I got the Ipad2 for Christmas too!

Toot said...

Hey hottness!! You had a blessed holiday, indeed! Can't wait to check out the vlog!



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