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Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend recap!!! Woot! Woot!

I have ONE word to describe my weekend..BLESSED! When I tell you God looked out for me, I am not joking! I cannot describe how good I feel! Saturday morning I woke up early to workout because Julianni had her first basketball game and Mimi was cheering for her first game. Julianni's team didn't win but at the end of the game she asked, "mommy did we win or lose?" She didn't even know! That's the love for the game I hope she continues to carry if she keeps playing organized sports. I could also see the joy in Mimi as she cheered :-)!

Saturday evening my girl and I got all dressed up to attend my office holiday party. I always like to take advantage of the opportunity to dress up!

There was a professional photographer there! This was fun! Looked like we were at a high school tolo lol!

Okay so we arrive at the party about an hour in, we had already decided we weren't going to stay long because my friend had somewhere to be. We ate, had a couple drinks, messed up the wobble Julianni would kill me if she knew...time to go!

Throughout dinner they called out raffle ticket numbers for prizes. Not sure how far in but at some point my ticket number was called for a gift card to Target! I LOVE Target so I was happy! Okay let me hurry and get to the GOOD I mean GREAT part!

We were getting ready to leave, standing in the lobby looking for my keys ready to leave, I had already said my good byes. Our HR lady sees me in the lobby and says, "Miesha wait, don't leave they're getting ready to do the drawing for the grand prize!" I say okay and step back into the ballroom at the very back lol!

Well what do you know??? They call my name for the grand prize!! I had NO clue what the grand prize even was? This is what I see her holding!

I'm like cool, I work with all women so this would be semi appropriate if there is a gift card for a nice amount!

I go to the dance floor to get my box, say my thank you's and once again I am headed out of the door! I planned to open the box once I got home!

But that didn't happen! I heard a few people yell for me to open the box! Hmmmm okay, I set down all of my stuff and opened the box...

At first I thought it was a Wii..nice..we already have a Wii BUT then I pull it out and WHAAAT!!!!??? An iPad!!!

All I could think was that this was nothing BUT God..I was planning to buy myself an iPad for Christmas! I mean I was literally one foot out of the door, step back inside for two minutes and I win an iPad!!

For me this wasn't about winning the iPad per say, but most about the circumstances surrounding my winning it. All year long I've been BLESSED tenfold! From reaching my goal weight..having a job AND place before I relocated to Houston..building new friendships here..and last but not least renewing my relationship with God!

I'm tripping because I spoke my awesome year into existence in 2010! I kept telling myself that I'd have an amazing 2011 and I promise I've had one of THE BEST years of my life! Stay tuned for 2012!!!


MissHaneefa said...

OH MY GOD! What an AMAZING prize! You are so lucky!

Shawn said...

I LOVE my iPad 2 and I know you are gonna love your's, especially since you didnt have to buy it! What a blessing!

ASingleMothersJourney said...

Oh how I want an iPad! Girl this was not luck. You're just blessed and your blessing will continue to flow! Amazing and you deserve it.

Anonymous said...

Such a blessing!!! That is great, chica. ;)

Single Ma said...

Congrats!! I want one too.


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