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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sharing some love :-)

Happy Valentines Day loves!

I receive emails weekly from people that I know and some that I've never met personally but know through my blog, Facebook, Twitter etc. I have said this before, I honestly never intended to motivate others. In the messages that I receive, I am told all of the time that I inspire and motivate.

Here's a message I received last week:

This post was anonymous so I wasn't able to send a direct message to the author but I'm saying here that a appreciate all the love :-). You telling someone about me and my story makes me smile! I feel blessed!

If I've said something that pushes you to make changes or inspired you with my old pictures I'll keep doing it! I'm rooting for all of you that are actively working towards improving your health!

Always remember that loving and taking care of yourself FIRST is the most important thing you can do not only for you, but your loved ones as well!


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MissHaneefa said...

That was such a nice message (a well deserved one), I am sure that you are flattered

Toot said...

You deserve it Miesha!! Thanks for spreading the love hun!!!!



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