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Monday, April 30, 2012

Battling my sugar habit AND May fitness challenge!

This post isn't going to be about food but I think I'll go ahead and share something I'm doing!

A friend of mine has issued a personal challenge to kick the sweets addiction/habit she has picked up. I decided to join her because I as well have picked up a CRAZY sugar addiction!

Monday-Friday you cannot eat cookies, donuts, ice cream, candy, cake, brownies, pastries, etc.

The weekend I allow myself two treats, whatever I want single serving. Since last Monday I have lost 5.8 pounds!!! This is without workouts due to getting over an injury! I am baffled by this!

The cravings were strong but the weekend totally cured it! I'll share how this week goes!

I am issuing a May fitness challenge!! 4000 squats in 31 days, do them how you like, hold yourself accountable! Pretty simple I think?? I've never done this but I'm looking forward to the results my ass and thighs will promote!

Wanna participate??!!

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Anonymous said...

I'm in for 3,100, I figure 50 squats 2x a day will work for me.

Shawn said...

I am in! Now I gotta figure out how to break this down and make it doable!

Dawnya said...

I'm in for trying to withrdraw from sugar. I need that bad.

I will give the squats a try. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks for the challenge.

DaMora said...

Count me in. Gotta admit I'm not too confident but, it's worth a try. I might do like Dee and adjust my Challenge to 3100 squats.

DaMora said...

I posted a link from by blog back to this challenge. If you create a graphic, let me know and I'll post that on my blog too.

GFS said...

No sweets! As Ro says...LAWWWWDD!

A Haute Mommy said...

I finally bought some workout shoes so hopefully I can start and I know my biggest obstacle in getting healthy will be the sweets especially since I like to bake.

Nellie said...

congrats on your weight loss last week!! woohoo! You can totally do this challenge!

jas said...

mmm sweets are my nemesis!



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