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Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday!

This is day 5 of 6 of my fast. I am 100% honest when I say that I have had nothing to eat between 6-6 every single day thus far! Water, coffee, cream and sugar...that's it! The early part of the week was hard but I made it through. I'm glad I decided to do this because not only do I feel better, I look better!

Funny how things change when you eliminate toxins!

So yesterday I was off work (as I am today) and I went to get my Texas drivers license...I'm "official" now lol! My WA license expires in August and I don't think I'll be going home to visit this year. I had a fat face on that license so I'm happy to see it go!

I went to the girls' school to volunteer for field day! I'm not a very kid friendly person even though I have two of my own but I try to be active with the school when I can. Let me tell you these kids are A MESS! Crying, cussing, cheating...you name it...they do it lol! I'm glad my girls know better and are gravitating towards sweet kids like themselves (so I pray)! But apparently I'm the "cool mom" so I won't complain!


Julianni Field Day 2012...3rd grade

I forgot to take a picture of Mimi by herself...I only have pics of her with friends so I won't post those. #mommyfail

Okay and here is my field day swag lol!



Funny my BF l-o-v-e-d these picures! I always think the dolled up look is going to get the best response from him but I'm always wrong! He's not a fan of "loud" makeup his words not mine but sometimes I like to make my eyes pop! He told me this morning that he still can't get over these pics lol! Job well done by me, I was just trying to avoid a busted drivers license photo #score



Amber L said...

Absolutely love your field day swag.....its a good thing when you can dress down and still turn heads!

Sunny said...

Looking fabulous!!!!

Oooh, I can't stand bad kids. It's like they don't even have the respect for adults NOT to curse anymore.

Sunny said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Papi's Girl said...

You look great. I agree women look best with natural makeup. Of course we have to kick it up a notch every once in a while but natural beauty is best. :)

Tim said...

Looking great!


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