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Thursday, August 2, 2012

August progress post!

I wanted to post this yesterday but was up early (4:30 am) completing a shadow box that needed to be mailed yesterday! Thank goodness I met my deadline but I was SLEEPY when I made it home!

Here's my scale pic from this morning pre workout:

Then I got ready to take my measurements and guess what? I can't find my damn measuring tape? I asked peat and repeat aka Julianni and Mimi and of course they haven't seen it hmmmmm okay O_o! So what I'll do this evening is take a couple body pics, and jot down my stats then post that tomorrow!

By my calculations I am up a whopping 21.8 pounds since this time last year. It was more...I've been chipping away at it.

I'm no longer stressed, irritated, frustrated or sad. Actually I'm finally getting back to my happy place! Let me tell you it feels really great! I've got my journal in my bag, still working on my new goals and rewards list. This time I think I'll be putting away $5 per pound to go towards shopping when I get back to #165.

23 weeks left in this year to lose 21.8 pounds, totally doable for me!

Oh yeah and in even happier news, my mom, gram, sister's, brother, nephews & nieces will ALL be here next week for our family reunion!!! This is just the pick me up I need! I miss them all SO MUCH :)

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Tim said...

Family reunions are great fun! Make sure you take pics! :)

MissHaneefa said...

I really like the idea of putting 5$ per pound away for when you hit goal weight. You got this!!!

Papi's Girl said...

That is a great way to reward yourself with $5 per pound. I think I should do that too. Thanks for the idea. Good luck. I know you can do it. :)


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