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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

How I'm living!

This workout is EVERYTHING!!

I love me some Jeanette Jenkins!! I already own a few of her DVDs so I'm pretty familiar with her workout style. I bought this the same week that it was released but Sunday was my first real/serious attempt at doing the workout.

Baaaabbbyyyy when I tell you I cursed this chick...I'm not playing!! She starts out at a fairly moderate pace then just keeps hammering you until you start to cuss!!

Start to finish it's an hour and a half worth of work. I completed an hour and 15 minutes which isn't too bad right?? My calorie burn according to my Polar HRM was 865!!! Yup!! No complaints here!!

By the time I reached the Ring The Bell Mat Work section which is second to last before cool down I was tired! I made it through the second abs exercise and said "F" it I'm out lol!!

All in all I'm going to grade this workout an "A"

Mainly because it's two days later and I'm still struggling to sit down without using my hands to soften the impact 0_o. My ass isn't the only body part hurting...everything hurts so therefore that lets me know I got a kick ass full body workout!!

Because I like the sequence of the entire workout (you can pick and choose the sections you want to do if short on time) I plan to do it once or twice per week.

If you were contemplating trying it...JUST DO IT!!

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