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Thursday, January 31, 2013

My latest passion :)

If you follow me on FB, Instagram or Twitter...you may already know that I've been teaching myself how to knit and sew! Simultaneously...yes I know I can be a bit obsessive at times! I've got the bare basics of knitting down so now I'm focusing on using my new sewing machine.

I have a Brother LX2500, this is a super basic starter machine. It came with an instructional DVD that I found extremely helpful!

I'm not completely ignorant as far as sewing goes, my grandma bought my first machine years ago, I just wasn't truly interested in learning at the time. FML...I probably would have been BOSS by now! Ah well such is life!

Mmmkay so the main reason why I got inspired to really learn how to sew was THIS SKIRT!!! by Mimi G.

When I first laid eyes on it...I fell deeply...passionately in love *swoons*!!! Seriously it gave me life!!! I don't fall over clothes very often but this skirt is stalker worthy!! And yes I've been stalking Mimi G's blog ever since!! Her tutorials are dope, I actually feel like she's there helping!

I know she sold these skirts for a short period of time, but honestly I couldn't afford her price tag #TheStruggle

What to do???? Beg her??? Naw I wasn't going to do that SO imagine my delight when she posted a tutorial!!!!! *Faints*!!!! Next problem...I didn't have a sewing machine!!! I also didn't feel as though my sewing skill was proper enough to execute...but I received a machine for Christmas!!! Watch and wait!!!

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Serenity Love Sincere Peace Earth said...

Join patternreview.com and start following sewing blogs. They will get you up to speed

Dawnya said...

I followe her blog too. I plan on making the pencil skirt in the next couple of weeks. I bought that skirt the second time she sold them as a gift to myself. Took my waist mesaurements wrong and it didn't fit when I got it. But I'm lost a few pounds and now it fits like a glove. I love it. Just trying to get this tummy down some so that can rock it with a cute tank top.

Mimi said...

Love her blog. I discovered her via Pinterest. She makes me want to sew as well. Let me know when you get all of the kinks out so I can order mine!! Don't try to charge me her pricing though!!

Miesha Roshawn said...

I've seen the site but haven't joined yet. Thanks I will!!

Miesha Roshawn said...

Gurrrlll!!! I can see why she charged what she did!!! It took me 14 hours to complete!!! Now grant it I am a complete newbie but whoa!!

Miesha Roshawn said...

Dawnya I would've been PISSED if I ordered it and it didn't fit!! I had to cut a second waistband for mine because the first was too small based on my waist measurement. I have sewn the pencil skirt and the maxi skirt with elastic waistband. Oh yeah and the Obi belt!


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