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Friday, July 1, 2011

Weigh day! Stats!

Whew!! I made it through June! This was a hard month for me! I was an emotional wreck the better part of the month. I didn't want the month to become a total bust so I worked for redemption!

Two weeks ago I stepped on the scale in the midst of my sugar binge and the bitch read 172!!! Okay so I know I killed a half gallon of cookie dough ice cream from Friday evening to Sunday evening one weekend, I know I was half assed working out, oh and I also know I was eating real dirty but dayum!!

Weight 7/1/11, 165.4

Stats look like this...

Bust: 34
Waist: 29
Hips: 40.5
Thighs: (R) 23, (L) 23

Total weight lost in June: Zero! I actually gained 3.2 pounds...smdh

Total inches lost: Zero! I put inches on as well! I'm going to directly relate the inches to the muscle I feel all over! Shit I have to blame it on something!

July body shot #1

July body shot #2

My belly could look worse considering my binge! I have had great workouts since last Saturday though and I know it helped.

*Like my earrings??!! Aren't they cute?!! These are a pair of my designs! You'll see me wearing my designs from now on :-)*

Last month I wanted to bid farewell to the 160's, and that didn't happen! I also wanted to plan my menus one week out, that didn't happen either! One thing I did do is start lifting heavier weights! OMG I can feel the difference! I've been sore the last week and a half! Oh I also stuck with my split varied routine.

Goals for this month:

* Say adios to the 160's...again!
* Lift even heavier
* Menu planning 1 week out
* Continue varied split training
*blog/vlog at least twice a week

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Ro said...

Yasss you better WERK that scale :-) I'm trying to get like you Miesha!! but I’ve been so stressed which makes me drink and eat. Whew....lets make July a better month.

Anonymous said...

1st off, those earrings are super cute...you have real talent. And like Ro, I'm trying to get like you. Let's make July a great month ladies.

Anonymous said...

Great job and you look amazing!

Miesha Roshawn said...

@ Dee, Thank you ma'am!! As an artist I'm super sensitive about my work! When others love it, makes me want to do more!

@ Ro, Girl please!! Y'all should most definitely want to be better than me after the foolishness I pulled last month! So yes let's all make July a better month!

@ Ebbs, Thanks doll!

Tim said...

I'm up for a great July month too! We can all do this :)

Thomas S. Moore said...

Looks like that cookie dough was your enemy but time to get back on it. July will be a great month for just get back to the basics eat better and be more active.


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