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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Working out with Jillian this week!

I'm back on the Ripped in 30 bandwagon! Last week was workout #1...this week I've done workout #2 twice and will do it again tomorrow morning as well as Saturday morning.

I've been heading to the basketball court early Saturday morning the last couple of weeks to run suicide drills. Not sure what that is?? Check it out here how to perform suicide drills!

Me last Saturday after drills (the sun is kicking my ass)

I love these drills! Still waiting for Ro to come join me on the court!

Something funny is starting to happen. My body is telling me that I'm probably fairly close to my happily ever after as far as my weight is concerned. Yes I still want to build more muscle, but I'm not tripping over the scale anymore! This is a true revelation for me! I'm getting to happy..finally!!

I plan to advance to workout #3 of Ripped in 30 next week. Am I ready..nope...but I'm going to do it regardless so I can write a review!

Y'all keep kicking it with me flaws and all and I truly appreciate it!

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Tim said...

i used to do a similar thing to suicide drills when i played football (soccer) and they were tough but great at the same time. I might start doing them again! :)


Look at you skinny minny!! You look fantanstic Boo! Kiah

Miesha Roshawn said...

They're great Tim!!

Thank you much miss Kiah!!


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