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Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday...food and foolishness!

It's finally Friday and I hear crickets chirping at my office..nobody is here! Shit why am I here then?? Oh yeah I have menu planning, blogging, web surfing work to do *side eye*

I don't believe I mentioned this but a good friend of mine (known since middle school) relocated from Seattle to Houston at the beginning of September. So we've been shacking..she's got a 12 (almost 13) year old daughter as well. I know she'll read this post so I have to give her a shout out...hey Mo!!

Okay so let's get to the foolishness! The girls have a constant three ring circus going on around us! Between the playing, the constant requests for treats, the hustling of extended bed times..it's a mess! It's complete chaos but on the other hand lots of fun!

I've managed to get workouts done here and there but nothing like I'm used to. We sneak out the house to Jack In The Box for chocolate overload cakes..this shit is getting out of hand!

My friend and I can't allow the girls to sabotage the weight loss efforts! I've gained and lost the same five pounds over the last few months several times. They key to continued success is planning, planning and more planning so that's what we've got to do! I've been saying for months that I need to get back to my menu planning but seriously now more than ever it's imperative that I do.

I've printed a new menu planning template and now it's time to get to work! The kids are not allowed to protest the menu! If they don't like it...TOUGH! One week out of the month will be dedicated to raw dinners. The girls aren't feeling this BUT again they don't have a choice!

Hopefully I'll be able to get a few pics posted from my weekend! Catch y'all in a few days!

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Tim said...

Your Friday's in the office sound exactly like mine! lol!

BTW, a question about your use of the word 'shacking'?

Do yopu ean you've been living in the same house or hanging out? In British slang, shacking basically means living together as sex partners LOL

Tim said...

That's meant to say "Do you mean..." stupid phone!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Glad that your friend is staying win you..it's awesome:-)

Marion said...

Lol Tim shacking up as in living together and nothing else we are strickly platonic! Lol Mo 3 ring circus is right smh but thank you for always stepping in to keep me on track & for planning the meals! Whoot! Now let's just get through tomorrows baby shower (her family always has ridiculous amounts of the most delicious foods) and ring in the holidays on track!


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