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Friday, January 20, 2012

Made it...week 1...whew!!!

I made it through my first week of workouts on the Jamie Eason LivFit plan! I can't lie, every part of my body that CAN hurt...DOES hurt! Wednesday night I laid on my bed on top of my covers, it felt like someone had left a block of cement atop my body and left me to die! I could not move! Everything felt heavy! This could be a good or bad thing depending on how you look at it lol!

I only had to workout (weights only) Monday thru Thursday each routine taking me about 40-45 minutes on average to complete including a 5 min warm up and cool down stretching. Here's my workout log for Thursday:

On this plan you aren't supposed to focus a lot on counting calories so I'm not :-). You're to focus on eating as clean as possible. I allowed myself a few slip ups but for the most part I did very well!

I keep thinking since I'm not burning off excess with cardio I really must be mindful of what I eat. I didn't use any recovery supplements (recommended) this week and I know now that I need to get some ASAP! So off to one of the vitamin stores I go this weekend! I know how these places like to "rob" uneducated folks...I know what I need so I'll be straight!

I'm EXCITED about this workout!!! I can't wait to report my progress in my strength training! Also next weeks workouts are identical to this week so I know what I'm facing...*sigh*

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Dawnya said...

You are making it happen. I love your can do attitude.

Have you decided on a tattoo design?

MissHaneefa said...

Oh yeah, have you decided on a tattoo? Looks like a great workout.


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