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Monday, January 23, 2012

Weigh Day 1/23/12

Let me start this by sharing a couple "fat girl" pics that were sent to me over the weekend. These were taken in December 2002, before my girls were born!

I cringed when I saw these! I don't really know how much I weighed, I'm guessing about 220?? For everyone struggling with continuing or finding the motivation to keep going, these are for you!

No scale pic today (again) but I weighed this morning at 176.4. That's a 2.6 gain from last Monday. Truth be told I was expecting a gain since I eliminated cardio last week. I probably ate clean 60/40 of the week. That's not going to work!

I'm realizing as much as I'd like to follow this plan to the "T"...my reality is that I like to eat lol! I like what I like in moderation. Therefore cardio is a MUST to burn off my excess calories. I know..I know...this goes against this particular plan within the first 4 weeks but I'm not going cardio queen!

This morning I ran a little over a mile and I'll probably do spinning Tuesday and Thursday Turbo Fire or Ultimate Tae Bo for an hour each...that's all!!

Here's my workout log for today:

My soreness is gone as of this morning after my scheduled 3 days of rest thank goodness! I'm expecting a little bit this week but not nearly as much as last week!

Everyone have a great week!!

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Haute Mommy said...

I love your courage to share you story and put it out there for the world to see. I always say if you have a story tell it because you don't know how your story can help someone else. And if youre like me, telling your story helps you as well.

Just Daisy said...

This is what I needed. I've been struggling to keep up with my journey losing inspiration and you have delivered what I need. Your story is amazing, I mean wow!

Thanks so much

Rosa said...

I'm on week 3 of Jamie Eason's program and I too had to start back doing cardio. I have loss 4lbs so far without doing cardio, but I have a half I need to train for in March. I do think I'm less hungry without the cardio, but I miss running and Zumba. I do love the program and I'm already lifting heavier weights. I also love that it's pushing me to step outside my comfort zone and hang with the guys in the weight area of the gym.

Tim said...

I never fail to be amazed by your pictures, your story and your positive attitude towards improving yourself. You rock!

L said...

I just want to say, I appreciate you. It takes courage to post pics of your body when you weren't at your best. I appreciate the pictures, the words, the courage. Thank you so much.


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