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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Boudoir shoot....SUCCESS!!!

Bright and early, 9:30 am arrived at the loft for my shoot. I read all of the content on the photographer's website prior to going so I had a fairly good idea of what to expect. First off they offer you a glass of champagne, which I declined because it was a bit too early for alcohol for me. I opted for water instead! Then they gave me a very pretty robe to put on before I had my makeup done.

The makeup artist was very interested in what "look" I was trying to achieve. She listened to my wants and got to work. I'm always very skeptical of other people doing my makeup, outside of my cousin Dyani. I also must admit I was a little nervous about whether or not white girl Tiffany would know how to match the right colors to my caramel colored skin lol! She complimented me the entire time and told me I am already beautiful so I made her job easy...she probably says that to all the girls lol!

My makeup for the shoot!

Once she finished I stood up and took a look in the mirror, she did an amazing job on my makeup and gave me the exact look I was going for! From there it was time to change into my first outfit. Although I was putting on skimpy sequins and sheerness, I didn't feel nervous at all. Phil (the photographer) made me feel comfortable for the start. Two other ladies helped "style me" throughout the entire shoot. I felt confident and sexy the whole time! Time to change into outfit number two, still feeling like a HOT diva! Again the team coached me through the second round of shooting.

All in all I had a wonderful experience and I'd love to do it again! They do offer couples shoots, maybe next time my honey will join me! I cannot wait to witness his expression when he receives this gift.


Tim said...

Make sure you tell us what he says! I could never have the guts to do that! LOL

Papi's Girl said...

I am so happy for you that you got to do this. Not only was it a gift to your hubby but to you as well for achieving your goals. I am doing a pin up shoot this summer to celebrate my weight loss success. :)


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