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Monday, December 27, 2010

Thirty Days of ME...Day 24

Day Twenty-Four- A letter to your parents

Dear Dad,

I really don't know where to start this letter? There has been a void in my life for the last 22 years because you really haven't been a part of it. At one point in time a was a true "daddy's girl," your firstborn child. I remember you taking me everywhere with you. Once you and my mother divorced when I was 10, you became a stranger. Unfortunately you missed out on a lot of great moments in my life. We are not able to go back and recapture those years.

I don't hate you for your poor decisions, I just feel disappointed. Almost as if I was robbed of a relationship that could have been great. You weren't there for me at times when I needed you the most. In spite of you not being there, I still became  great woman and mother to my own children. Sadly I see a lot of the`things you did repeating itself with the girls' dad.

I love you but from a distance, my heart can no longer hold onto resentment and bitterness. Maybe at some point you'll know better so you can do better.

Your daughter,


Dear Mom,

You are a true soldier. I've watched you go through a number of adverse situations and persevere. You were hard on me, and I now know it was because you expected me to set the example for my younger siblings. I always knew you wanted me to be better than you. There was a period of time that I couldn't stand to be around you because of the way you were choosing to live your life but I never stopped loving or caring for you.

Thank you for teaching me how to be an overall good person. I can't lie, a lot of things I learned, I learned by doing the complete opposite of what you did. You are street smart and always stayed one foot in front of me! I didn't understand the lack of privacy you never gave me but I understand now that you wanted me to be perfect.

I could go on forever with this but I will close by saying I love you mom. You've always been one of my biggest fans, even if you didn't agree with the choices I made. Because I am a mother now I know your love for me is unconditional. Thank you for helping to shape me into the woman I am today.

Love always,


1 comment:

Brown English Muffin said...

Funny I too learned a lot of what NOT to do from my mother but I love her all the same.


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