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Friday, November 5, 2010

100 pounds down!!! I did it!!!

I made a guarantee that I would reach my 100 pounds down mark by Monday, November 1st but that didn't happen. But you know what? I worked my ass of this week and I hit it today!!! I am ecstatic and very proud of what I've accomplished! This hasn't been easy for me and I'll never make light of the hard work it took and will continue to take. This journey is something that I live, think, breathe etc...every single day. I don't take long breaks, I'm always mindful of my actions. If I don't get my exercise in, I always think about the missed opportunity to change the number on the scale.

Eating right and working out has become my lifestyle. I'm not doing anything that will ultimately jeopardize me reaching my goal. In order for me to stay on track I cannot go back to my old ways. I have to keep writing about it, talking to others and continue to find ways to push myself. 2011 just might be even better than 2010!

On this day last year, November 5, 2009, I got serious about my workouts. Ironically, exactly 1 year later I'm 100 pounds lighter!


Lady Cyone said...

Absolutely amazing, I'm speechless that is such a major accomplishment, I hope to get to that mark a year from my start date which will be my 26th birthday next August. You look amazing!

Curvy Natural & Fit said...

CONGRATS MIESHA!! We are sooo proud of you!! :)

Miesha Roshawn said...

Thank you :-)! It was hard to even think about reaching this point last year. My body was sore every single day from my workouts! One foot in front of the other. My birthday is in August too, that'll be a great month for you reach 100 pounds (or more) down!


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