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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Yes, I know he loves me!!

So I said I wouldn’t tell anyone but this is too funny not to share! My honey has a job that keeps him tied to a boat for seven days straight while he’s at work. He’s been making strides at eating healthier and working out to lose a few pounds but his options at work are somewhat limited. Anyhoo, I always ask him what he’s ate and what he plans to eat for the remainder of the day. One day a week ago I asked him and he told me he was getting ready to get his walk on, but he was going to eat two hot dogs after he finished. He knows I think hot dogs are pretty disgusting but I’m fair when it comes to the trade off. I told him if he wanted to eat those two hot dogs, then he must walk a mile for each one lol! Oh and that white bread he planned to wrap around them, that was going to cost him another quarter mile! It’s not my fault the grocery order got messed up and they only had white bread, no wheat! The other option would be wrapping his cajun turkey lunch meat in lettuce and adding mustard! He chose the two and a quarter miles, insisting his “all male” coworkers would laugh a little too hard if they caught him eating his lunch meat wrapped in lettuce lol! He cussed and fussed but he did it!

I’m not in any way form or fashion trying to insult his manhood, I just want him to be healthy. A little fire has been lit under his butt by my own progress AND my baby Mimi called him “chunky” the other day! She told him he needs to do Turbo Fire and Spinning with mommy J. We plan to be partners and teammates for life so that means we have to work together to keep each other on track. He thinks I’m a bit fanatic when it comes to eating healthy but he’s from New Orleans..his love for food was instilled at birth. If I didn’t care, all of the sausage, cheese grits, hot dogs, BBQ Cheetos..etc. wouldn’t make me flynch. He knows I love him and need him hanging out with me when we get old and our kids are living their own lives. I know he loves me because he’s making a conscious effort to change his eating habits and exercise more. This makes me happy!          

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Madame: The Journey said...

When I pack my fiance's lunch and mine for our respective work days - I always have to be mindful of what I put in his. I remember packing him a pita stuffed with veggies and tuna on the side and a cup of Pomegranate seeds. He called me at work during his break like, "what is this!?" LOL.

So nice to hear that your life transformation to healthy eating and fitness is trickling down to loved ones. That really seems to make our personal journeys, so much more rewarding!


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