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Friday, November 5, 2010

20 things I love about losing 100 pounds!

1. I no longer have to shop in the women’s plus size department, I can try on clothes and not feel irritated, frustrated or embarrassed about how I look in them.
2. The jaw dropping stares and compliments I get from people that haven’t seen me in awhile.
3. The pressure and stiffness in my knees has completely vanished.
4. Being able to comfortably fit into an airplane seat AND letting the tray table down all of the way without it resting on my thighs.
5. Feeling stronger, sexier, healthier and more conscious about the way in which I treat my body.
6. Being able to push myself hard and know that I’m not going to die from exercise.
7. My friends, family and others telling me that I’ve inspired them to make changes and get active.
8. Knowing that I’ve accomplished something amazing on my own without a fad diet, personal trainer, surgery, or daily gym trek.
9. Feeling like now I can do anything I set my mind to.
10. Hearing people tell me that I look really young now! That’s a huge ego boost, I’ll take younger versus older as far as looks go any day!
11. I have tons of energy although I still like to sleep on my lazy days J.
12. My feet don’t swell anymore!
13. I feel beautiful again on the inside and out.
14. I’ve found a new passion in health and fitness.
15. I don’t mind being in photos anymore.
16. My sense of self has returned and I am happy with the woman I am right now.
17. I don’t have a fear of trying new physical activities. Before I felt like my weight held me back in a lot of ways because the pressure on my knees prohibited me from even making an attempt.
18. I have the ability to talk to others (who want to lose or get healthy) about my struggles and successes and let them know I’ve been where they are and that it CAN be done with hard work and dedication.
19. My daughter’s, my honey, my family, my friend’s and my coworkers are so very proud of me!
20. My life is no longer controlled by my size or my weight, my life is now controlled by the choices I make and the actions I take to uphold my healthy lifestyle!



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