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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

My feelings on 12-6-09

I took an “L”!!!

Posted December 6, 2009

I was really tripping about gaining weight for my Friday weigh in and as many of you had said when I weighed in this morning I was five pounds less than on Friday. I have almost broken the 250 mark (heading into the 240’s) and I have been in the 240’s since I can remember? When I started putting on weight a lot of it came after my split from my girls’ father.

Although I was happy to be free from that relationship my life was all over the place. I had so many things going on and let myself lose sight of what truly makes me happy. I had neglected my favorite things and neglected my body. I have never been a fast food junkie but I fell into a terrible pattern. Initially I know I was depressed and moving away from an abusive relationship took a toll on me mentally and physically. I now understand the healing had to come from the inside out and it took three long years to heal. I am proud of me and how far I’ve come thus far.

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