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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Indoor Rock Climbing...November!!

In my quest to try a new physical activity each month (that I haven’t already tried), October was Spinning…November will be….indoor rock climbing!!! I’m excited to try it out! For one, I am afraid of heights, so maybe just maybe this will alleviate some of that fear?? This falls right in line with “things I thought I’d never do!” I’m happily stepping outside of my comfort zone!


One of the greatest things about shedding the weight is losing my inhibitions as it pertains to exercise. I don’t care what I look like while working out, nor do I care what other people think I look like while I’m working out. My only concern is making sure I am putting forth my best effort. At the end of the day this is the only body I have and while I have the ability I will continue to challenge it!    




Madame: The Journey said...

I hope you enjoy your rock-climbing experince! I tried it for the first time a few months ago and had a blast.

Miesha Roshawn said...

I am SO looking forward to it! It's nice to hear that you had a blast! I even have a couple friends joining me!

fatgirlwearingthin said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving your comment. You are a true inspiration, and I'm glad to be meeting you just as you get ready to hit your 100 pound loss!!!
Your attitude is one that I look up to and strive for. You sound so confident and fearless (rock climbing?? that's so awesome!)

Miesha Roshawn said...


You are very welcome! I respect your honesty about the struggle to maintain. I've been thinking about maintenence post goal so reading your blogs gives me insight. So thank you!

My attitude about life is this...I go for it and even if I don't end up liking something at least I can say I tried!


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