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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Turbo Fire 12 week results!

I did it! I completed my first round of Turbo Fire! The program is 12 weeks long. I should have finished two weeks ago but had to redo weeks 7 & 8 due to illness and injury respectively. I loved every single second of it! Hands down this is my absolute favorite workout! I can't get enough of the fast up and down pace! Once I learned all of the choreography the workouts got better and better for me.
I created a photo collage of my progress. Row one is day 1, row 2 is day 60 and row 3 is day 90.
Weight- 197.0 to 179.8 = 17.2 (loss)
Bust- 38" t0 36" = -2"
Chest- 34" to 32.5" = -1.5"
Waist- 32" to 30.5" = -1.5"
Arms- (R) 13.25" to 12.5" = -0.75" (L) 13.25" to 12" = -1.25"
Hips- 45" to 41.5" = -3.5"
Thighs- (R) 25.5" to 23.75" = -1.75" (L) 26" to 23.75" = -2.25"
Calves- (R) 16" to 15" = -1" (L) 16.5" to 15" = -1.5"
Total overall inches lost = 17!!!
Ironically my total inches and weight lost is almost exactly the same! I had a goal when I started the program to lose 25 pounds, I missed my target by 7.8 pounds which isn't too bad. I will definitely complete another round as a hybrid with P90X. I like the strength training in P90X and the cardio in Turbo Fire. As a combined routine, this should give me the results that I am looking for.
I am recommending Turbo Fire to anyone that is looking to take their workouts to the next level at home! You WILL NOT be disappointed!


Lady Cyone said...

Came across your blog and just wanted to say your results are amazing, you look wonderful!

Miesha Roshawn said...

Thank you so very much! I read your goals and I want you to know that it can be done! 13 1/2 months ago I was 275 pounds. No matter what number you are trying to reach, push and work hard for it...things will start to change.

solidice242 said...

great results! I am doing turbo Jam right now I have turbo fire but she moves way too fast for me in that. I am going to try it again though maybe for the month of December because I really want to do Insanity in January.

Miesha Roshawn said...

Thank you! Please give Turbo Fire another chance because Insanity is even more intense! Turbo Fire is more fun though :-). Once you learn the choreography you'll LOVE it!! Hands down it's my favorite workout! Are you following my blog? I'm doing a give away drawing if you start following me in the month of October.

solidice242 said...

Yea i know insanity is intense i gave up insanity because i seriously thought it would kill me. I am going to give turbo fire another try. did you follow the diet as well?

Miesha Roshawn said...

No I didn't follow the diet because I pretty much do my own thing as far as food is concerned. I did try a few of the recipes though.


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