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Friday, April 8, 2011

My mind is racing!! Vrooom Vrooom!

Hello peeps!! SOOO happy it's Friday...as usual! I promise my brain is in overdrive today! I can't wait to leave work to get my ideas written down.

B- Multigrain Cheerios w/ skim milk & Stevia

These look so pretty in the bowl!

S- Naked green machine (thanks Ro for my Naked addiction!)

L- Quinoa & ground turkey stuffed bell pepper
Baby carrots w/ rice vinegar

S- Grapefruit cup

D- Undecided??? Probably sauté tofu w/ veggies...mmmmm

S- Slim Fast snack bar

I worked out with Jillian Michaels this morning...oh how I missed Jillian!! 30 Day Shred does my body RIGHT!

This weekend I'll be designing jewelry!! I've been inspired to jump back in the game and get my pieces out there! I'll be posting pics as I complete pieces...side hustle in full effect!

Enjoy the weekend! Does it really say 91 degrees on my car barometer? Gotta love Houston!

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MissHaneefa said...

Oh la la, I am excited to see your stuff. Have a great day!

Tim said...

I know what side hussle means now so good luck designing your jewellery!! :)

Shellabelle said...

30 Day Shred is the best! You gotta try Ripped in 30 also.


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