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Thursday, April 14, 2011

SO much love..I can hardly stand it!

Yesterday, my before and after pictures were featured on the Black Women "DO" Workout fan page on Facebook! This is a fabulous, supportive group of women pushing each other to reach fitness and healthy lifestyle goals.

The creator of the page..trainer Crystal Adell told me I'd receive a lot of responses but I had no idea!! My phone was buzzing all day long with friend requests and message notifications! I am feeling ALL of the love and sisterhood is definitely alive and kicking!

The photo on the page- how I look now & November 2009

The top two questions were, "how did you do it?" The second was "how long did it take?" I tried my best to answer as many folks as I could, but asked each one of them to visit my blog to read about my journey.

I plan to do a vlog this weekend addressing both of those questions (again) in more depth. I have to organize my thoughts on paper first lol!

Anyhoo, here's a couple items off of my menu this week.

Tuesday's dinner...

Honey mustard chicken breast, sautéed then simmered yams and garlic asparagus

Wednesday's dinner...

Cucumber salad w/ light feta, bacon bits, scallions, balsamic vinegar & red pepper flakes

I also had sweet potato fries along with the cucumber salad. I woke up this morning feeling amazing!!!

My life is an open book! Lovin' this!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on being featured. And I love cucumber salad, I need to add feta to mine next time. Have a great day.

LadyRoz said...


Tim said...

That's brilliant news. Congratulations! I bet you were over the moon! :)

Losing in the City said...

wow, just discovered your blog and just want to say congrats on such an amazing weight loss.. i know it couldn't be easy.. and it's always so cool to get positive love from people.. keep up the fab work.

Thirteenlbs said...

Congrats! Your meals look yummy!


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