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Monday, April 25, 2011

Pandora playing...listening to love songs!

I am up early (as usual) listening to my Pandora stations pump out love songs. Awww I'm feeling in a way...wish my honey was here right now!

One of my favorite songs came on this morning, Keri Hilson "All the Boys," it always makes me think of my current relationship. The lyrics are exactly things I could say! I never knew love with another man like the love I have now.

When I was going through in previous relationships, I wanted to know why they didn't love me the way I desired them to? Why was it always so difficult? There is a distinct difference between then and now.

I don't just view my honey as my man, I view him as my friend...actually he's my best friend. I'd never taken the time to build a friendship prior to immediately jumping into a relationship with someone, always leading to an epic FAIL!

I know my relationship is built on friendship because my man talks to me like I'm one of his boys. He tells me things about men that would surely violate the "man code" lol! He wants to make sure if for some reason he's not with me, another man can't come along and run bullshit to take advantage of my kindness. I've done more for men (in the past) financially then I care to admit.

I've hung my neck out on the limb, opened up my wallet all in the name of love. Was the favor ever returned? NOPE! I couldn't get one single dollar back from a man that I easily handed about four grand during the course of our so called relationship.

I'd never had a man stand for me before now. What I need, I get. If I ask, I get! I'm not used to a man financially providing for me. I've always stood on my own and have taken care of mine.

Something about just knowing that the option is there lets me know my man loves me. He's making sure that I don't have any added stress, I love him for that. He would never take from me and my girls like so many had done in the past. For a long time I had lost all hope in the idea of finding the right person to share my life with. That hope was restored from our first conversation.

"After all the boys that I thought I loved before, I didn't know what love was, till you knocked on my door.
After all the boys that I wished had love me more, I didn't know what love was, never had this before."- Keri Hilson "All the Boys"

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Tim said...

After everything you seemed to have gone through, it seems like you are finally getting all the happiness you so deserve.

Miesha Roshawn said...

Thank you Tim!


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