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Friday, April 15, 2011

Sisterhood :-)

When I received my copy of Essence for May, I was excited to open it up and read about the many stories of sisterhood!

Personally, I refuse to believe that you can't form lifelong bonds with other women once you reach adulthood.

Any relationship you enter, whether it be with a male or female should be built on trust. You don't just give your trust to anyone! I'm an optimistic person and I always try to see the good in people before the bad. Has this always been good for me? NO! This is a part of the core of who I am, after almost 33 years of life...I'm not going to change it now!

The crazy amount of love and support I've received over the past few days (from women I don't even know) after my feature is overwhelming! I've even started on the path to forging new friendships!

For the girlfriends I've had for years and years, I love them dearly and would ride in a heartbeat to "bust windows out cars!" I'm just kidding, I can't catch a case..I wouldn't do well in jail lol! For the "new" friends in my life I'm ready to see where the adventure takes us!

Friendship is love!

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DaMora said...

I agree, I too think you can form life long friendships later in life. And really, in a lot of ways those friendships might be stronger because we have a better understanding of who we are, there for can be better friends.


I looked thru your blog and your weight loss is inspiring! I know it is not easy to put yourself out there for everyone to see but THANK YOU! I am now following (and rooting) for you! Thank you for your comment. Kiah

Like Mousse Au Choco said...

i like your blog, following you !! follow back ?

Miesha Roshawn said...

Thanks ladies!


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