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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Julianni's Mohawk!

My seven year old is really starting to step into her own style. She's conscious about her clothes and has always liked her stuff to match. Just the opposite of her little sister, she'll go out of the house with fifteen patterns and colors if I let her!

Well I asked them today which style they wanted me to braid their hair in? Mimi says a side ponytail..okay cool I can do that! Julianni says a Mohawk! Uuummm okay I've never braided a Mohawk but I gave it a try, this is how it turned out!

My sister told me I cheated, apparently the braids are supposed to be smaller and the middle section pressed and curled! No ma'am!! Their hair out in Houston is asking for trouble! She thinks she's fly...I think so too!

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Very cute! My daughter is 9 and she is a little diva already! smh Kiah

MissHaneefa said...

Very nice!

Ro said...

too friggin cute!


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